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Reviews for Just One Night

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.05 - 04:55AM 2: THIS IS THE NIGHT Signed
Even better than part one. You really capture his fears. Thank you for sharing, again.

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.05 - 04:52AM 1: Just One Night Signed
Thank you for sharing. I loved it.

Bethanyblueberry 2006.07.24 - 06:33AM 2: THIS IS THE NIGHT Signed
I wouln't mind being that woman *sigh*

Bethanyblueberry 2006.07.24 - 06:16AM 1: Just One Night Signed
wonderful, truly brilliant

Hyaene 2006.01.07 - 04:39PM 1: Just One Night Signed

Melpomene Erato 2005.09.15 - 07:50PM 1: Just One Night Anonymous
"[...] this knight in tarnished armor"

By definition, the ONLY requirement for poetry is metaphor. Poetry IS metaphor and nothing else. Therefore, by the line quoted above, this piece IS poetry.

droxy 2005.01.02 - 09:22PM 2: THIS IS THE NIGHT Anonymous
yes- this is our Snape

southern_witch_69 2005.01.01 - 12:33PM 2: THIS IS THE NIGHT Anonymous
woohoo... i like this one. excellent!

Author's Response: thanks so much I am glad you liked it. there is a short third poem I will post soon. thanks again you made my day

southern_witch_69 2005.01.01 - 12:30PM 1: Just One Night Anonymous
Excellent view of *her* feelings towards him. I think it just shows exactly how he is. Good job.

Author's Response: thanks again if you liked this then read Dream Lover by me on Ashwinder. It is her pov as well and I am working on a sequel to it in his pov.

Vocalion 2004.10.16 - 05:04PM 1: Just One Night Anonymous
I liked it. I think you captured Snape's essence. To me, it works as a poem, in spite of what the last reviewer said. You did a very good job.

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