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Reviews for Rom To My Private Dungeon

cadee 2007.05.16 - 09:53AM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
this is amazing! by far the best snape fic I've read. sad though... ah well!

Aurora Greyeyes 2006.10.01 - 10:05PM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
Thak you for writing such a lovely story. I understand how not all romances end up happy. I like to learn about people from forgien countries and the strange customs they have, thanks again.

Ali1124 2005.06.17 - 12:57PM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed

Author's Response: *grin* Sorry. No can do!

Nicole Fay 2005.04.21 - 06:45PM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
that was bittersweet.

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope my warning was apt enough...

hila 2005.02.07 - 02:43PM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
It's great that you didnít abandon this beautiful story; I was waiting and constantly checking if you updated. As for me, I donít understand why did you planed to give it a sad ending; the whole story was so colorful, funny, you gave us hope that Severus was her "one" Ö Please donít get me wrong, I love this story and all of your works, I was just expected for the two of them to be happy, at last : - )

Author's Response: Well, initially I wanted to write a story where someone understood Snape and all the pain he must have experienced during PS/SS. And I wanted him to get laid. But then I thought about what his life is like, and wanted to write all my stories to fit into canon. I just don't see Snape as happily married, or even happily in a relationship. He is a figure who experiences great pain and little compassion or understanding (especially from the HP fandom). And I had that image in my mind of him reverting back to childhood, sitting alone and zapping flies. And it just felt right. Sorry!!!! He will have some happy adventures with Tonks though, if I ever get the time. :-)

gahob 2005.02.01 - 11:25AM 13: By Stars and Squids It Must Be Love! Signed
Hey, really cool story ! If I may, though, it would be "frumosul meu Severus" in romanian, as "frumoasa mea" is feminine.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you. Can you believe, I have a friend whose second language is Romanian and she didn't catch that?! Oh well...

potionmistress60 2005.01.25 - 02:16PM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
I think i need my box of never ending tissues. What a sad but beautiful written ending. Such emotion can only come from experience. Wonderful story. I loved your OC, Maracuja...and of course, I always love Severus. I'm off to recommend this to my other Snape obsessed friends.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I still feel a bit like I dropped the ball on this one. But your words mean a lot, as does pimping Rom... ;-)

potionmistress60 2005.01.25 - 12:49PM 8: And the Bartender of the Year Award Goes To... Signed
Oh Gina! LOL! What a lovely party! I started reading your story a while back. Now that you have finished it, I wanted to start back at the beginning. I forgot how funny the party scene turned out. I love it! Well, off to finish reading and, of course, continue my search for lemons. (Giggles)

Author's Response: Aaawww, thanks! Yes, the party scene was definitely the most fun to write, and clearly the most inspired of all my chapters.

Melpomene Erato 2005.01.19 - 03:02PM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
Wow!! I mean ***WOW***

What a fantastic ending! The last three sections are the best fic I've seen ever on this web site or any other. Truly inspired, and I'm sad to read that the inspiration came from personal experience. It was poetry in prose and I was deeply moved.

Wish I could write anywhere nearly as good as that. "Until all the wine was gone, and all the smiles faded, and all the caresses ceased, until al the words went quiet, and all the discoveries fled, and all the kisses dried up[...]" That is simply magnificent.

Author's Response: Oh, you make me blush! I'm glad you enjoyed it, to hear that you were moved. I take that as a high compliment indeed.

aramintasnape 2005.01.09 - 08:23AM 15: A Final Goodbye to Love? Signed
Oh, that *was* a sad ending! But beautifully written - I think my favourite line was the very last one: "...and hope was once again tucked away in the box where he knew it belonged." Poor Severus! And yes, you made me cry!! Great story - I hope you'll start another one soon.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you Araminta. It felt good to finally finish it, sad ending and all.

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