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Reviews for The Joys of Magical Mistletoe

EverMystique 2008.04.05 - 02:06PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Signed
Well, let's see. I'm not necessarily of a Tonks/Snape pairing, but it was entertaining. I do like the magical mistletoe situation. Nothing like trapping the delectable sourpuss until someone takes him by the ... horns. Overall, fairly well written with just a few spots where a little more fleshing out might have added to the enticement. EM

Severus_is_my_boi 2007.11.06 - 06:41PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Signed
love it! awesome story!

longloveseverus 2007.07.28 - 05:00PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Signed
haha HA!! totally hilarious!! I loved it!! all the characters were very canon, good job with that. I'd give anything to see Snape actually snogging someone in public!! haha.

LookFar 2006.08.09 - 01:43PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Signed
How goofy is that? I've always like Severus/Tonks. "Reached under her tree," indeed!

Melpomene Erato 2005.01.19 - 03:16PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Signed
Really cool and fun... FYI, though, this is NOT PG-13 (more like R)

Author's Response: You know, I have a hard time figuring out those ratings sometimes! But I went with PG-13 because there was no actual sex. I suppose I should ere on the side of caution... Anyway, thanks for the reviews. You had a little Gina-fest today, eh? I am flattered that you spent time to read and review 3 of my fics. So, thanks!!!

aramintasnape 2004.09.19 - 11:57AM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Signed
This is hysterical Gina! I read it last night and I nearly died laughing at the end part when Tonks reveals her 'decorations'! That line from Sirius "I'll roast his chestnuts" had me in fits! And poor Sevvie stuck under the mistletoe scowling - shame I wasn't there really! Stupid me, I never realised you'd written all these fics - I'll definitely be reading more of your stuff when I get a minute.

Author's Response: Thanks! Gee, I guess I need to do more advertising for myself, eh? Heh.

emmakitty 2004.04.10 - 02:08AM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Anonymous
Hmmm. I like it. Snape/Tonks is a new genre to me, but I really like it. Yours is one of the best S/T fics I've read. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love Snape/Tonks and wish more people would take it up.

Titania 2003.12.09 - 11:31PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Anonymous
This was a very amusing story. I liked it quite a lot. It's nice to see how well you have Snapes reaction and the treatment toward him down. Titania Author of Fucking with Snape (LNL) and Travels with Severus:Severus does New Orleans (SH)

Le Rouret 2003.12.01 - 09:09PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Anonymous
WHAT a great story! Where can I get some of that stuff???

Author's Response: Heh, thanks. Yeah, I could've used some of it during the holidays too!

Synchestra Duende 2003.12.01 - 03:56PM 1: The Joys of Magical Mistletoe Anonymous
Very amusing one shot. Always do love an author that can mirror the canon prankishness of Gred and Feorge - nice little quick setup with them and Ginny. The vision of a fuming Snape standing stuck in place under the mistletoe waiting for someone to release him ala a kiss is brilliant. A room full of people he knows and none of them want to do it. Loved everyones apprehension when he walked into the room and unbeknowst right into the trap. Lupin and Sirius having their .02 knuts of fun at Snape's expense was a hoot. Tonks tripping on her way over to rescue Snape - love the klutziness played up. Ron's and Sirius's response to Snape and Tonks flirtation and kissing - marvy. As I've said on Veresna Veneries II, would love to see you continue your Tonks/Snape antics on various holiday or other escapades in challenges!

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