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Reviews for Vacation

nagandsev 2015.12.19 - 09:23AM 1: One Shot Signed
Beautiful! Love the descriptive narrative, and that Albus and Minerva did tag along to witness Severus being decisive in embracing going after someone:-) Love it that Gail is unique, fragile and rare like a unicorn, and that the unicorn Animagus is a Dark wizard, murdered--Gail witnessing it, and Severus being in yet another delicate situation--this could be more than a one-shot *hopeful look*? Lovely, lovely work!

Agnus Castus 2015.12.15 - 07:48AM 1: One Shot Signed
Great to see you posting on Occlumency again. This is a lovely short story, well crafted, and I particularly enjoyed the notion that wizards could safely holiday in Greece because the natives consider anyone who isn't Greek to be weird!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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