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Reviews for The Dark Lord's Pleasure

nagandsev 2015.11.29 - 08:39AM 1: The Dark Lord's Pleasure Signed
I thought it was Voldy immediately returning back--the wispy smoke and fog of his Apparation clicked something, but then I wanted to believe it was a dark Severus angle, dominating and coercive... but then, an underlying cruelty and gloating of his enamoured victim and a potential gang rape indulgency offering and the apparant glams on men... *shudder* Captivatingly written, as always, as well as presenting several dilemmas, the heaviest one being how Severus would handle accepting a forced upon (sex) slave as a 'gift' from Voldemort--with human trafficking and sex slavery running rampant, it is an engaging yet uncomfortable scenario to embrace that Severus would have to embrace it for various reasons--excellent, provocative situation! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words, nagandsev. This story is darker than my usual fare; I'd hoped to lure loyal readers into a false sense of security before the denouement! Yes, the dilemmas posed by this story are many and varied, and were quite challenging to write. However, I do love to ponder such predicaments!

emdramaqueen 2015.10.27 - 07:48PM 1: The Dark Lord's Pleasure Signed
I really enjoyed reading this, and I agree with the other reviewers that this could easily work as the start of a much longer fic. I thought the twist at the end was very clever indeed. Didn't see that coming at all!! Beautiful descriptions throughout and very well selected dialogue. I particularly liked the way you let us know exactly where this takes place in the canon timeline without being overly descriptive about it. You gave us enough information but kept it subtle/realistic within the story. Great choice of OC too. She sounds interesting! Thanks so much for sharing this xxx

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! This story has been a big experiment for me - finding new ways to set the scene, being more concise, drip-feeding clues to the reader etc. Glad you enjoyed the ride! Since all the reviews so far indicate the scope for a longer story, I'll give it some thought.

star_girl 2015.10.25 - 09:38AM 1: The Dark Lord's Pleasure Signed
This feels like much more than a one-shot, as there is so much unresolved and that I want answers to! Some very clever twists and turns throughout. I hope you decide to extend the piece as Orla is a curious OC and there is certainly huge scope for a long story. Well done!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the twists and turns! I really hadn't thought about this becoming a longer story, but I will ponder the possibilities. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Wildcard 2015.10.24 - 07:46AM 1: The Dark Lord's Pleasure Signed
A well crafted story that keeps the reader on their toes from beginning to its end. I do enjoy reading fanfiction like this that keeps you guessing and reading between the lines of each paragraph. Especially when it contains detailed descriptions and dialogue that flows so beautifully. A one shot that could be easily transformed into a more in depth series if the author so desired. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us. 😎🐍

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review, Wildcard. After a three-year break from fan fiction, I felt a little bit rusty, so your encouragement is much appreciated. This story followed me around for years; I'm glad it's finally been written!

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