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Reviews for There Will Always Be Hope

Eleni 2014.01.30 - 07:23PM 5: An Unexpected Guardian Signed
an evil cliff-hanger. Love this story, still hoping all will be well

Author's Response: Evil cliffhanger by ME? No, surely not, no. I would never... Oh, wait! :-)

tomo 2014.01.21 - 06:36PM 5: An Unexpected Guardian Signed
I've been meaning to review earlier, but I am thoroughly enjoying this story. You have a fantastic writing style and I'm very much absorbed in the plot. Anxiously awaiting further updates to see where this is all leading!

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you're enjoying my little story. We're only five chapters in, and already my characters have stopped following the original plot line. This will be interesting :-) Hope I won't have to let you wait for the next chapter for too long. Thank you for reading and reviewing. /M

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