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Reviews for There Will Always Be Hope

Eleni 2014.07.27 - 01:42PM 1: Walking Down Memory Lane Signed
and so it ends, kind of sad as when you have finished a good book. Loved this story and looking forward to when you ahve time for another one. I felt you was true to canon Severus and liked your Hope, glad you decided to let them have a good life after the war.In the meantime I am looking forward to the release of your original Work, will keep an eye out for it.

Author's Response: Dear Eleni! My sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply to your kind review. I loved writing this story. Okay, I've loved writing all my stories, but having known pretty early that this one will have a happy ending made the writing experience very different. I even grew fond of Hope whom I didn't like very much in His First. Funny how that happened. The OF is off to print next week. Shouldn't be long now. Thank you for all your support. Smooches!

Eleni 2013.12.12 - 04:23AM 1: Walking Down Memory Lane Signed
Just reread the first story, loved that too. happy to see another one, read it on ttp, for some reason I am not able to review there anymore. This story is also very good, what happened to the baby ( Severus' I am sure)

Author's Response: Glad to have you back! :-)

Wildcard 2013.11.28 - 08:49AM 1: Walking Down Memory Lane Signed
I really enjoyed the opening chapter to your sequel. Nice to see the land lord taking a liking to Severus but suppose he wants repeat customers. Thank you for writing and also sharing.

Author's Response: Landlords are always nice to paying customers :-) Thanks for leaving a review. It's always nice to know that someone is reading.

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