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Reviews for There Will Always Be Hope

Eszther 2015.04.15 - 04:12PM 19: Epilogue Signed
Thank you very much for this wonderful story, I like your Severus very much and am glad that he found a place to b at peace.

Author's Response: Dear Eszther! My apologies for taking more than a month to respond to your review. I am very glad that you enjoyed it. I've been thinking about writing a part 3, depicting Severus life in the little Muggle town but decided not to. He deserves to be left alone. (For now.) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Eleni 2014.07.27 - 01:42PM 1: Walking Down Memory Lane Signed
and so it ends, kind of sad as when you have finished a good book. Loved this story and looking forward to when you ahve time for another one. I felt you was true to canon Severus and liked your Hope, glad you decided to let them have a good life after the war.In the meantime I am looking forward to the release of your original Work, will keep an eye out for it.

Author's Response: Dear Eleni! My sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply to your kind review. I loved writing this story. Okay, I've loved writing all my stories, but having known pretty early that this one will have a happy ending made the writing experience very different. I even grew fond of Hope whom I didn't like very much in His First. Funny how that happened. The OF is off to print next week. Shouldn't be long now. Thank you for all your support. Smooches!

tomo 2014.07.26 - 05:05PM 19: Epilogue Signed
This story broke my heart in so many ways - there was so much pain and struggle for both characters - something that was never truly explored in the books. I'm so pleased with the ending and I feel you did it perfect justice. I am so sad to hear you will be leaving the fandom - your stories are incredible and you have such talent. You write on of the most realistic versions of Snape that I have ever read and its been a true pleasure enjoying your stories. I would love more details of your original work as I will certainly continue to follow your writing. Thank you again, truly - it has been a pleasure and all the best with your future in writing!

Author's Response: Dear Tomo! My apologies for taking so long to respond to your wonderful review. It's been a busy summer with editing my OF. It's about to be sent off to print next week. I am so excited! I'm writing in Swedish at the moment, but who knows, maybe I'll get someone to translate my work to English one day. I'm sad to leave fanfic but I do think it will be temporal. There is something magical about fanfic, and not having to create a whole new universe gives us writers the opportunity to explore characters more in depths. And having faithful readers like you who review and leave kind words, that is magical as well. With this, I want to thank you for your support over the years. It has meant a lot! /M

tomo 2014.07.13 - 04:16PM 15: On the Darkest of Nights Signed
This story is breaking my heart. I pray that the ending will be anything but canon but I almost feel it would be a betrayal to your writing for it to be anything but. Amazing, as is all your other work. Please keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm right there with you. This story turned out to be much more heart-wrenching than I expected. I'll try to be nice in the end. Promise. For remember: There will ALWAYS be hope. Thank you for reading and reviewing and all your kind words. Means a lot!!

tomo 2014.06.18 - 09:00AM 13: The Ghosts of Halloween Signed
How can you leave us at such a point? The story has developed so wonderfully and so realistically. I fear we are nearing the conclusion, but it has been a wonderful ride.

Author's Response: Yay, someone is still reading this! Had a feeling that an evil cliffie will make people react. :-) I'm working on the next chapter as we speak, so I hope that you won't have to wait for too long. It's a tough chapter to write, and I guess it will also be tough to read. But hey, when have I ever been nice to my characters? The story will take us all the way to the Battle of Hogwarts, so it's not quite finished yet. I hope you'll enjoy the ride. Thank you for reading and leaving a lovely note.

Eleni 2014.05.26 - 08:07AM 11: Appeasing the Past Signed
A wonderful chapter as allways, I love your Severus and Hope, hope you have some good times for them eventually

Author's Response: Glad to see that someone is still reading this. Are there good times in store for Severus and Hope? Well, I won't give anything away, but let me tell you that this story will end very differently than many of my other stories have. :-)

Eleni 2014.01.30 - 07:23PM 5: An Unexpected Guardian Signed
an evil cliff-hanger. Love this story, still hoping all will be well

Author's Response: Evil cliffhanger by ME? No, surely not, no. I would never... Oh, wait! :-)

tomo 2014.01.21 - 06:36PM 5: An Unexpected Guardian Signed
I've been meaning to review earlier, but I am thoroughly enjoying this story. You have a fantastic writing style and I'm very much absorbed in the plot. Anxiously awaiting further updates to see where this is all leading!

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you're enjoying my little story. We're only five chapters in, and already my characters have stopped following the original plot line. This will be interesting :-) Hope I won't have to let you wait for the next chapter for too long. Thank you for reading and reviewing. /M

Eleni 2013.12.12 - 04:25AM 2: A Crack in the Wall Signed
glad to see a new chapter, looking very much forward to following this, as usual very well written and addictive

Author's Response: Thank you very much, both for reading and the compliments!

Eleni 2013.12.12 - 04:23AM 1: Walking Down Memory Lane Signed
Just reread the first story, loved that too. happy to see another one, read it on ttp, for some reason I am not able to review there anymore. This story is also very good, what happened to the baby ( Severus' I am sure)

Author's Response: Glad to have you back! :-)

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