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Reviews for The Ethereal

June W 2013.03.21 - 04:03PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Your take on Pettigrew will be especially interesting. He's the betrayer, but now that he can *see* what Lily is suffering, he might also be thinking it's a preview of what *he* could be facing in the future. They are both Gryffindors, and while I never understood why the Hat sorted Pettigrew in that House, perhaps you can find something there. He's usually not a favorite character of mine.

Author's Response: Very true! The way Lily is treated makes him realize what might happen to him once he's no longer useful to Voldemort. But I'll try to show that he is a Gryffindor after all, albeit an unhappy one. As for canon Pettigrew, I strongly dislike him, too.

Author's Response: I just updated this ficlet. I hope the new chapter will be enjoyable! :)

June W 2013.03.21 - 04:00AM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
WOW! This is very different from your other stories - way more subtle manipulation and mind-games. It was nice to see Lily using her powers - clever spells, lots of strength, great dueling ability - and realistic to show she has that one weakness, that she cannot attack. I remember Hermione in OotP trying to use a Stunner against a Death Eater at the Ministry, and getting utterly blasted. This is like that - sweet Lily not able to attack Dolohov.

I do wonder if she would still insist on going along on raids, thinking she could save Muggles by casting spells against Death Eaters - if that is possible after she takes her own Mark. I also wonder what is going through Pettigrew's mind, and if the prophecy will still occur and thus be about Neville.

Thank you for the new ficlet! I'm not even going to think of what would happen if THIS Lily got pregnant.

Author's Response: Thank you, June, for the lovely review! You are right: Lily is way too gentle to be able to attack another person. She might volunteer for the future raids, but Voldemort and Snape won't allow her to come along; they know where her true loyalties lie, and Severus also doesn't want her to get hurt. It's quite plausible that the prophecy will remain the same and refer to Neville instead of Harry. The idea of Lily getting pregnant in such circumstances is frightening indeed! I think Severus doesn't intend to have children yet; he reckons his position isn't firm enough. This will only change in a couple of years... Pettigrew seems to sympathize with Lily. He knows how self-sacrificing she is and realizes that Snape is manipulating her ruthelessly; he feels very bad for her. But as Voldemort doesn't trust him either, there is little he can do to help her. Maybe he'll try to alert James in the next chapter! Thank you again! I'm happy you liked the ficlet!

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