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Reviews for Godfather Death

whitescaramouche 2013.08.30 - 08:18PM 2: Two Signed
I just read through all your fics - Every one is excellent. You have a talent. I love you your Snape is multi-layered. You've kept him in character but expanded beyond what the reader saw in cannon through Harry's eyes.

Kingpig 2013.07.18 - 02:23AM 2: Two Signed
So poignant and beautiful!

NJ Dryad 2012.09.30 - 10:46PM 2: Two Signed
Snape continues to be messed up but decent. The scene in which he hits Alex and purges his demons is particularly well done. He would never agree to therapy, but it makes sense he would give up violence after something like that. I also buy him being jealous of Melinda, but continuing to chase off her boyfriends, even though he knows it's wrong.

Author's Response: Again, I'm so pleased you find my rendition of Snape believable. I had reservations about implicating the poor guy in domestic violence, but I think the scene and relationship does some necessary work of illustrating his flaws and then vindicating him from them. As for Snape's relationship with Melinda, I'm glad you buy that, too. It's a little wrong but still a little sweet. Thanks again for your review; it means a lot!

NJ Dryad 2012.09.30 - 10:43PM 1: One Signed
What an interesting, original story! Snape is nasty but decent; he survived the war in relatively good shape; he even got to sleep around. I can see him having this kind of dysfunctional relationship with Alexandria. I can also see him getting reluctantly dragged into mentoring Melinda. After reading Jason's aborted letters, though, I'm wondering if his and Alex's "accidental deaths" were really accidental.

Author's Response: I can't tell you how happy I was to see your review! Nasty but decent is pretty much what I was going for, as was a comfortable if not fairy tale post-war life. I'm glad you find the relationship with both Bobbin women believable--I had worried it might seem too OOC for some peoples' taste. As for the floo accident, well, i'd never considered it anything but an accident, but that's an interesting thought. If I ever want to write a sequel, I now know where to start ;) Thanks again for your review!

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