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Reviews for An Empirical Approach

Scumblackentropy 2013.01.25 - 04:49PM 2: Part One Signed
Snape makes my skin squirm and I can't decide if it's a good or a bad thing. In other words, this chapter was excellent!

Scumblackentropy 2013.01.25 - 04:29PM 1: Prologue Signed
It's no big secret that there is a general and pervasive prejudice against orignal characters in fan fiction, especially stories that involve Severus Snape. I think it's because most original characters turn out to be mere caricatures whose 'quirks' try to masquerade as personality, and, when written with a personality as forceful as Snape's, they fall even flatter. It wasn't that way with your story. I love that you started at the end of their 'relationship,' if there was one, and that you introduced us to your character as she was disillusioned and embittered by age and whatever experiences came with it. It is wonderfully refreshing to not have a naive, young protagonist, and this, coupled with your narrative skill, makes for a real treat. Another thing I love about this story is how you've portrayed Snape. He was always nasty, but he's usually shown as being relatively conscientious with his Slytherins. I like how selfish and indifferent and you've made him, and how you've shown that he really wasn't the best person for the position of Head of House. It makes me feel wary, like I have to watch my back, which is exactly how I think Snape would make anyone feel. There is no characterization of Snape that I dislike more than a harmless one. I like my Snapes self-serving and dangerous, thank you very much! :) Anyway, sorry for rambling. What I'm trying to say is that I genuinely enjoyed reading this, and that I can't wait to get started on the next chapters! Thanks for sharing :D

Sylence 2012.12.23 - 04:25PM 4: Part Three Signed
This was really good, in a dark sort of way. I like Snape/OC fics but there are so few of them that are enjoyable and too many are Mary Sues. I'd say Alex isn't a Mary Sue and you did a good job of making her a realistic character. Also, I enjoyed her viewpoint of being a Slytherin at the end of the first war and how her House was treated.

Merrylore8 2012.09.13 - 07:07PM 4: Part Three Signed
That was very different from what I usually read, and refreshing. And no Mary Sues.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! When I started this thing, one of the challenges I set to myself was to write an OFC without writing a Mary Sue (turned out to be harder than I thought). So it means a lot that you think I managed this goal. Thanks again for your review and I hope I have the pleasure of your readership and input for any future stories!

naturalgirl 2012.09.07 - 08:26PM 1: Prologue Signed
Great work. Very well written. Write more, I will read it for sure.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I love to see reviews. There's a companion story coming up next week if you care to read more. :)

star_girl 2012.09.02 - 03:20PM 2: Part One Signed
OK, now I'm hooked! Lovely stuff, please don't keep us waiting too long for more.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you stick around for the second half of the story (it should be up any day now). Thanks for your review!

star_girl 2012.09.02 - 02:58PM 1: Prologue Signed
Very interesting start. You've made me curious to read on.

Author's Response: Thanks! Hope you weren't disappointed. :)

rocket dog 2012.09.01 - 03:59PM 2: Part One Signed
well....get on with it.its amazing writing by the way.

Author's Response: I'm pleased you think so! This is my first fan fiction and I'm damn self-conscious about it. Never fear, the second half has been submitted and is pending admin approval. Thanks so much for your review!

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