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Reviews for The Spinner's Ends

hot_stuff11 2013.04.08 - 06:35AM 1: The Spinner's Ends Signed
Is it bad that I still find dark!Snape sexy? I'm going to blame the fact that I loved this dark story about non-consensual sex (and that I wish I were Lilly) on your amazing characterization and description skills. Yes. Your fault. *hides in corner*

Author's Response: Mea culpa, then! :D No, it's not at all reprehensible - as much as I like canon Snape, I can't resist his darker version either... We're both bad boy lovers, it seems! :) Thank you for the wonderful review!

Moodygirl 2012.11.10 - 11:13PM 1: The Spinner's Ends Signed
Your writing style is terrific! Even though these stories are disturbing, the character portrayal is realistic an believable. You expose the darkness and bring it to light in a captivating manner. Well Done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Moodygirl! I'm glad you like my writing, even though my stories are dark.

linda0506 2012.08.20 - 09:08AM 1: The Spinner's Ends Signed
I like this version of Snape, darker, and even more obsessive than canon. Yum.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I confess I have a soft spot for dark!Snape, especially in this pairing... Thank you for reading!

June W 2012.08.19 - 04:40AM 1: The Spinner's Ends Signed
Yikes! So very close to avoiding all that tragedy. Seems like Lily's flaw was that she kept putting off things such as apologizing to Severus and evacuating her parents from their house. Once Severus attacked her like that, she should have taken herself and her family to safety without hesitation. Thanks for the prequel, for letting us see Lily's mind!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I agree Lily should have found a way to make up with Severus earlier, however difficult and awkward it was... Do you mean she ought to have left to safety after the incident in the library? I'm still afraid her and James' precautions to protect her parents won't help in the end: they will be attacked by the Death Eaters shortly before the beginning of "The Redemption". According to canon, they were no longer alive when Voldemort appeared in Godric's Hollow...

Author's Response: Hi June! It's been a while, hasn't it? :) I just posted a new darkfic - this time, it's from Severus' point of view. If you wish to read it, I hope it will be interesting!

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