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Reviews for Daddy Dearest

fynnsmom 2013.01.02 - 03:09PM 1: Daddy Dearest Signed
Very enjoyable and funny. What's implied is that Teddy must have heard Tonks talking about Snape's physical appearance for Teddy to have morphed into Snape's baby.

Author's Response: Yes, Teddy’s a bit precocious, I’m afraid! I guess the conversation went a bit like: ‘At least he doesn’t look like a bat any more – can’t wear the high collars with the bite, you see. Honestly, Mum, he’d be quite presentable if he washed that awful long hair. But his eyes, they’re so dark and empty, they make me shiver! Mind you, nothing’s going to change the hooked nose, is it? Poor bloke!’

NJ Dryad 2012.08.18 - 02:34AM 1: Daddy Dearest Signed
Are you sure you're not really JKR? This is the kind of fiendish trick she'd play on poor Severus. ;-) I'm glad he's not stuck with an unwanted kid, but I'm sorry he didn't get to get it on with a hot witch. Maybe now that he's a war hero he'll be more in demand.

Author's Response: Wow, what a compliment! Thanks! Severus should move to the Muggle world, shouldn't he? There are plenty of hot Muggle girls he's in demand with ;)

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