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Reviews for Ties That Bind Us

nagandsev 2012.08.02 - 11:50AM 3: For Richer, For Poorer Signed
Loved the narrative description and setting up of Severus re-adapting to his new found life and his first steps to rebuild it!

Author's Response: Yes, where does one begin, both practically and emotionally? Thanks for reviewing!

nagandsev 2012.08.02 - 11:48AM 2: Unspeakable Reunion Signed
Enjoyed the Hogwarts scene, and very effective with introducing Clym and setting up the dilemma of whether he is truly trustworthy or not, and Tess' coolness and distance, her barriers that she has, justifiably, set up.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter; it was a challenge to write, but I'm pleased with the result. Thanks for your comments - it's nice to know how much has been conveyed!

nagandsev 2012.08.02 - 11:46AM 1: In Darkness and in Light Signed
I love this opening prologue and chapter so much--it's so very cinematic--your writing has such indepth detailing and narrative, you allow me to experience each and every stroke of the picture;-) Speaking of which, of course, in particular, speaking of a ong time waiting for things--thank you for the lovely love-making scenario and for the whole satisfying renewal of Severus and Tess on all levels!

Author's Response: Thanks, nagandsev! I realise this chapter provides a different type of completion to the end of The Unconditional Vow and hopefully provides new foundations on which Tess and Severus can build.

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