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Reviews for Ties That Bind Us

nagandsev 2012.08.26 - 03:11AM 8: Heroes and Villains Signed
Enjoyed Shacklebolt and Severus' interaction and the Minister's proposal for Sev to be a consultant--it's the least the Wizarding world could offer him!

Author's Response: I thought for a moment that Severus might not accept the proposal... But he needed the money! Thanks for reviewing, dearest.

nagandsev 2012.08.26 - 03:07AM 7: Merlin's Order Signed
This was a wonderful, validating chapter, and such fun to read and feel what Severus was going through and Tess' support of him; enjoyed the inclusion of Minerva and the Malfoys--and Rita Skeeter!

Author's Response: I enjoyed giving Severus what he so tragically lacked in canon... I'm glad you liked the wider cast in this chapter; I had to 'play nicely' with the Malfoys, despite my dislike of them, hehehe!

nagandsev 2012.08.26 - 03:03AM 6: For Better, For Worse Signed
It takes bravery to accept the past. And it takes courage to move on, Tess reassured. Love this chapter with all of it's precise canon details and narrative description, the inclusion and referene to other canon characters (Lovegoods, Burbage) but, again, I love Tess' constant affirmation of who and what Severus truly is, his true essence and core... and how she is constant and unfalteringly against any of his doubts and inseurities and self-deprecation. As 'always' --lovely chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yes, Tess is unfaltering in her acceptance of him... If perhaps Severus can learn to accept himself, then he'll become capable of unconditional acceptance too...

yick 2012.08.23 - 10:36PM 11: Housewarming Gifts Signed
so good they have their own house-elf, I wish I have one too :-( keep updating, please!

Author's Response: You're not alone with that thought; despite the elf-rights issues, I'd love to have a house-elf too :)

yick 2012.08.23 - 10:10PM 10: Across the Threshold Signed
so good they move into the new house, and starting to christening the bed ! I think the house has their own story to tell!

Author's Response: Plenty of story left to tell! Thanks for reviewing :)

Elaine Lahey 2012.08.17 - 07:57PM 8: Heroes and Villains Signed
I really enjoy this story! It fits in nicely with the established canon. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks, Elaine! I've tried to stay as canon-compliant as possible - despite the one glaring alteration which makes this story AU. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

nagandsev 2012.08.12 - 09:18AM 5: Unspoken Past Signed
Enjoyed the back story of Clym and Tess depicted here through Aurora and Tess, and the dilemma for Tess that Clym's word has to be 'good enough'. Tess and Clym's past relationship revealed in details has enriched Tess character as whole and 'human'--it's lovely to see how far she has evolved beyond her past, and her and Severus' relationship is all the more wonderful and intense knowing what has been and is (at this point in the storyline) at stake for Tess... Lovely work!

Author's Response: Thank you! You've hit on one of the reasons for choosing alternating timelines, so I'm glad the technique seems to be working for you. By slowly revealing the more dubious parts of Tess's past, I'd hoped to challenge the reader to accept her... I'm glad this has enriched her as an original character.

nagandsev 2012.08.12 - 09:10AM 4: In the Shadow of Pendle Hill Signed
Severus smiled inwardly at their continuing banter. Theres only one person alive who believes I regard myself as inferior. I know. Im honoured. The smile on her face bore no sarcasm. Along with your breathtaking narrative and description of location and detail, it's these moment to moment nuances and insight into Severus and Tess' relationship that are the most glittering gems... Her unconditiona love depicted in moments like this just take my breath away, her feeling honoured and her utter trustworthiness of his intimate insecurity--the purity of their trust and love is truly wonderful--lovely, lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad this moment stood out for you, nagandsev! I think these nuances convey much more than sexually explicit scenes, certainly for Tess and Severus, anyway. Thanks for reviewing <3

yick 2012.08.07 - 03:58AM 4: In the Shadow of Pendle Hill Signed
good story!! expecting more to come! this ghoul is like a elf? or a ghost?

Author's Response: Thanks, yick! This ghoul is like the one in the Weasley's attic at The Burrow.

star_girl 2012.08.02 - 03:43PM 1: In Darkness and in Light Signed
I'm so glad you've started posting this to the archives, I know what a challenge it was for you to write and I'm grateful I've been able to help in some small way! Hope you're feeling proud - you should be. xx

Author's Response: I'm feeling lots of things which don't often go together: happy and sad, nervous and relieved! Thanks for your support, star_girl, it means a lot xx

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