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Reviews for Ties That Bind Us

nagandsev 2012.10.19 - 03:40PM 15: To Have and to Hold Signed
Love their fast and explosive coupling, fulfilling one of Tess' fantasies! Sweet, fun chapter for both of them, even though Severus has the lingering notion about the potion being interferred with

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the sweetness here - I'm still surprised I've been able to write like this ;o)

nagandsev 2012.10.19 - 03:30PM 14: Magical Malady Signed
Lovely chapter of intrigue at Ollivander's and introducing the level of Severus' uncertainty and questionable magical powers!xx

Author's Response: Intrigue and uncertainty - a good way of putting it! I enjoyed writing Ollivander :)

nagandsev 2012.10.19 - 03:21PM 13: Family Affairs Signed
Lovely and revelatory conversation between Albert and Severus--he's getting a lot of nudging to take matters a step forward/further!:-)

Author's Response: Ah, yes, but will he actually do anything? Thanks for reading and reviewing!

nagandsev 2012.10.19 - 03:16PM 12: Unveiled Emotions Signed
Lovely realisations and support given at a time of great need for Tess--what a true friend, Aurora is---so glad that Tess is freed from the burden of feeling responsible and guilty for Clem's actions--lovely chapter!xx

Author's Response: Yes, Tess is getting there, I think. We all need true friends in life, especially when we're as vulnerable as Tess is here.

star_girl 2012.09.09 - 05:03AM 24: From This Day Forward Signed
I actually find Severus' acceptance and forgiveness of his father the most poignant thing about the whole story! Well done on completing, I know it was a challenge and at times not always easy, but you did justice to both characters. Hurrah!

Author's Response: This is the hardest story I've ever written, for all kinds of reasons, but your enthusiasm and support helped get me there in the end. Thank you.

star_girl 2012.09.09 - 04:59AM 23: Tabula Rasa Signed
I do like this scene very much. We were all wondering about "bone of the father" but it turned out to be forgiveness of the father.

Author's Response: This scene pained me! I'm glad you like it. Thanks for all your support; as always, you've been a star.

Elaine Lahey 2012.08.28 - 01:28PM 12: Unveiled Emotions Signed
Great story! please keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks, Elaine. New chapter just posted!

nagandsev 2012.08.26 - 03:21AM 11: Housewarming Gifts Signed
Yay! for Albert being a Squib, and Yay! for house-elves! This'll give Tess and Severus more *intimate* time together without the dirty dishes to do - hehe!

Author's Response: And gives them time for other 'dirtier' pursuits too! Mehehe!

nagandsev 2012.08.26 - 03:18AM 10: Across the Threshold Signed
Lovely detailed description of their domestic happiness: hearth and home and BED! Yum! Lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Makes a change from manky old Spinner's End, eh? Glad you liked the bed :D

nagandsev 2012.08.26 - 03:15AM 9: Unknowingly Given Signed
Love this vital turning point in the back story of the crucial decisions being made (snickering behind Clym's back, 'You haven't a snowball's chance in h***' *wicked cackling*) Wonderful narrative detail!

Author's Response: Hmm. I get the impression you're not too keen on Clym... Excellent! ;o)

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