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Reviews for Where Your Loyalties Lie

hot_stuff11 2013.12.15 - 05:46PM 17: Tempt Me into My Old Ways Signed
OMG I just read through all this in one sitting and now I'm hopping mad because THERE'S NO MORE!!! *curls up and cries*

Author's Response: We are hoping to update soon. So glad you are enjoying it so far!

Befindlichkeit 2013.01.18 - 05:27PM 17: Tempt Me into My Old Ways Signed
Please,please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your story!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! We are hopefully updating soon! It's been a bit hectic for the both of us recently... xx

Agnus Castus 2012.11.04 - 11:00AM 17: Tempt Me into My Old Ways Signed
What a nasty piece of work Barnabus Hamilton is; his inability to understand or take into account his daughter’s feelings is utterly horrific. I’m left wondering just what his deceased wife had to put up with – how she died – and how she knew to teach Isolde to protect herself *shudders*. Severus’s sarcastic disdain for Flank and Hamilton was a joy to read – you’ve captured him beautifully here – with condescension and derision in between the lines of every sentence he utters. I like the way you wove excerpts of Lily Evans in this chapter, and I also enjoyed your description of the Hog’s Head pub and the small yet significant interaction with Aberforth – I’m hoping the headmaster is doing what he can to protect Isolde from the evil clutches of Ichabod Flank. The scene in the dark dungeon classroom with the boomerang book was set up perfectly, and the tap-tap-tap of Snape’s arrival made *me* anxious, as did the absence of his satisfied smirk... The sexual tension has reached a glorious peak! I’m on the edge of my seat, here ;o)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely, detailed review. The tap-tap-tap was meant to be his thumb on the cover of the book but maybe I didn't explain that clearly enough. Need to work on that! Yes, we are both very excited about playing with the sexual tension between them! Yum yum yum! Thanks once again xx

nagandsev 2012.11.02 - 05:39PM 17: Tempt Me into My Old Ways Signed
The tension and further revelations of Barnabus Hamilton's depths of depravity and vileness are truly 'wonderful' and effective--great dynamics and depictions of the wily sordid antic of both him and Flank. Love it being juxtaposed with the 'innocent' sweetness of Marius offering her a token of solace with another copy of one of her favourite books--lovely to have a friend like that, and then to have the real Potions master catch them red-handedly--just what Isolde needed after the horrid day she's had:-(... Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! Soooo glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate your support xx

nagandsev 2012.10.30 - 06:41AM 16: A Set of Suspicious Circumstances Signed
Finally, Severus is loosening up a wee bit - lol! Glad he has developed an appreciation for erotica *whew* it'll do him good - lol! Love the informative scene with the triad and could feel Isolde's trepidation and fears, pondering Snape and Flank together--love the evil cliffie!!!xxx

Author's Response: Yes, we were rather cruel with that cliffhanger, weren't we? Things are not what they seem with Snape and Flank, though... xx

nagandsev 2012.10.30 - 06:33AM 15: People Will Think You're Up to Something Signed
Love the poignant glimpse into the background of Fitzwilliam Brinkley, lovely narrative--the atmosphere is so 'snugly' , I can quite imagine even Snape being seduced and lulled into sleep between the ambience and the content of the book and his thoughts of Isolde--lovely, yummy chapter! xxx

Author's Response: Yes, Brinkley is an intriguing soul! He will be reappearing again quite a few times, I should think! Thank you so much for your reviews/support xx

Agnus Castus 2012.10.30 - 04:40AM 16: A Set of Suspicious Circumstances Signed
Well, I must say that in answer to the question “What was Snape going to do?” I did not expect the answer to be “Purchase a copy of A Slytherin Seduction” hahaha! Intriguing... Really enjoyed the dialogue and interaction between Marius, Isolde and Kathy amongst the doilies, and the thought of a teenage Snape setting foot in Puddifoots made my heart ache momentarily. It’s disturbing to hear that Flank will be a permanent fixture during term-time; that’s going to cause our protagonists further worry. I liked the way Isolde’s certainty was uprooted by Snape apparently being BFF with her father’s friend. Nice cliff-hanger at the end! Another enjoyable chapter – looking forward to more :)

Author's Response: Glad you are still enjoying it! Many thanks indeed! Yes, Flank being at the castle is going to cause some complications, isn't it? *evil laugh*

Agnus Castus 2012.10.30 - 04:38AM 15: People Will Think You're Up to Something Signed
I enjoyed reading Brinkley’s back-story... He and Snape seem well-matched as proprietor and customer! I’m glad that Snape has gained some understanding about Isolde’s predilection for bodice-rippers, and he also acknowledges she needs an escape from him, too, from time to time. Since he’s been futilely obsessed with a certain redhead for a great many years, maybe Snape can find some escapism in the arms of Isolde... Oh, NO! What am I saying?! *slaps own wrists* ;o)

Author's Response: Oh gosh, I know! Lily, despite being dead for 14 years, is still going to cause some complications for Severus, bless him. Neither of us are fans of Mrs Potter, but we thought it would be unrealistic to deny her presence in his life/heart. Thanks so much for the reviews! xx

nagandsev 2012.10.28 - 11:03AM 14: A Habit of Turning Up in Unexpected Places Signed
The Mewling Quim--lol!--how deliciously decadent, ladies! Brava! Great detail, action and atmosphere depicted--oh, our stalwart Severus, so glad he wasn't forced into their debauchery against his will and escaped to Hogsmeade to clear is head in the crisp clear air--only to be seduced back to... the bookstore--what will he find there? Wonderful work!

Author's Response: Thank you! The Mewling Quim, as a location, was a pure joy to write. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it! Poor Sev seemed so much out of place. Thanks for reviewing ;)

nagandsev 2012.10.28 - 10:45AM 13: I Thought We'd Keep This Private Signed
Delicious angst being layered on--Love the openness and honesty between Isolde and Severus being shared. Hair-raising and wonderfully sickening news from Hamilto--married to Flank--yuck!!! Oh Severus, forget Dumbles--I think you can help Isolde in another way regarding her virginity and not entail the old coot-- lol!-- seriously, poor Sev, once again having to turn and put trust in Dumbledore *sigh*... great chapter!xxx

Author's Response: Tehehehe! This story would be much shorter indeed if Severus "helped" Isolde with her virginity problem. Yes, the news of her impending nuptials to Flank is indeed unpleasant. As is the idea that Sev has to call upon Dumbledore. So the plot thickens! Thank you for reviewing xxx

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