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Reviews for Playing House

Kingpig 2012.09.11 - 12:47AM 1: Playing House Signed
So sweet and hauntingly sad!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

IMnotHermione 2012.06.19 - 11:45PM 1: Playing House Signed
Painfully beautiful.

Author's Response: Thanks!

NJ Dryad 2012.06.04 - 06:42PM 1: Playing House Signed
What a sweet, sad story! I like the different slant you put on canon: Eileen is abusive, instead of blaming everything on Tobia; Severus sees Lily as a sibling (being so close in age, they could almost be twins); he even thinks Petunia's not so bad. With his vivid imagination, I'm now imagining him as a novelist, which is a profession I'd never considered for him before. It's too bad this is a one-shot. It would be a great first chapter for an AU in which they did end up in Ravenclaw, save their friendship, and have long, happy lives, even if they weren't together romantically.

Author's Response: Thank you. In my head canon, Eileen and Tobias are both so caught up in their own relationship drama that they are neglectful/abusive of Severus almost as an afterthought/byproduct of their abuse towards each other. I wrote and posted two sequels here: "Bruises" and "Kiss the Baby Good Night".

Rose of the West 2012.06.03 - 07:59PM 1: Playing House Signed
It's so sad to see that it's all in his imagination. :(

Author's Response: Thanks. It really is sad.

Moira of the Mountain 2012.06.03 - 03:39PM 1: Playing House Signed
Very poignant. I'd agree - I always rather thought his love for Lily was not romantic but more that of an older brother - assuming he was perhaps six months or so older than she.

Author's Response: Thank you. I believe that as they were younger, it was the love of a brother, and it later turned into romantic (or rather obsessive) feelings.

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