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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

nagandsev 2012.05.22 - 06:59AM 92: A Quantum of Preparation Signed
Hahaha! Sirius is such a dog, isn't he? But not enough to match Sev in smoothness and skill! Good for them, leaving a Septima-shaped smudge!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, Severus couldn't resist the opportunity to leave a remembrance of sorts behind.

yick 2012.04.30 - 12:38AM 92: A Quantum of Preparation Signed
hi rose!! i`m glad to find your story here too!! update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks, so much! More will be put in the queue in the next day or two. Lately the queue has been less than a day or so, but it would be understandable if it took longer for a while, given that the wonderful CareCrystal is leaving us.

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