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Reviews for Winter Apples

Rose of the West 2012.06.07 - 11:43PM 2: Chapter 2 Signed
I like the strength this House elf displays.

Author's Response: Turtlefoot is indeed a force to be reckoned with. She's largely based on the women of "The Help" - amazingly strong and wise women. I'm enjoying getting to know her - and yes, she also has a considerable soft spot for Severus as well.

Rose of the West 2012.06.07 - 11:41PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
What a nightmare to have to live through! Poor Draco. I hope he can find healing.

Author's Response: This does seem to be the path my Muse prefers to travel - those Slytherin men and their redemption. Grayback struck me as pure evil - a perfect tool to serve the Dark Lord's madness... and as much of a right bastard as Draco's been, there's something to him that's worth going after, I suspect.

Snapesbeatrice 2012.05.20 - 08:13PM 1: Chapter 1 Signed
Draco's pain is palpable. I look forward to learning more about his fate in this story. (Am also hopeful of an update to "In His Name.)

Author's Response: Hurrah - you're the first to leave a review on OCC for this tale. Not my usual offering, I know. In canon I was struck several times by the horror and deep aversion that Draco exhibited whenever Grayback was near. It appeared to be genuine fear and that got my mind to whirling.... This tale will continue soon - and never fear, there is a new chapter of IHN in the works as well !! Thank you so much !

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