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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.18 - 07:46PM 84: The Mechanics of Returning to Normal Signed
I think Severus should have left his robe off when he went to visit YKW. Let the old bastard be embarrassed. It serves him right.

nagandsev 2012.05.22 - 06:25AM 84: The Mechanics of Returning to Normal Signed
Poignant ending, but wonderful as I feel Septima has moved on to a different level, strengthened by her ordeals as well as secure more so in her motherhood and in her acceptance of their relationship as seen from her point of view:-)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Septima is definitely growing and developing. She has a more mature approach to things than she did as a younger witch. She's feeling more secure in her relationship with Severus, too, although not entirely secure, of course.

Elaine Lahey 2012.03.26 - 07:38PM 84: The Mechanics of Returning to Normal Signed
I love this story! I cant believe that Dumbledore sent Dick over to rape Septima. I could AK him myself. Please post again soon. This is my favorite story.

Author's Response: I don't think this Dumbledore sees much value in women. I'm so glad you're enjoying this story! More is coming, soon!

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