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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.16 - 12:00AM 69: A Quantum of Reassurance Signed
Good for Eileen! She needs to help Severus straighten his head out and appreciate what he's got instead of pining after what he never had. It just occurred to me that the way Septima feels about him is the same way he feels about Lily. Did you do that intentionally? I also like that this chapter in which sex is so important is number 69. ;-)

nagandsev 2012.02.08 - 01:07PM 69: A Quantum of Reassurance Signed
Oh, yes! Doing what they do best :) - Sev's mother is indeed a wise woman, and the reassurance of their love-making, the serenity it gives Septima is wonderful!

Author's Response: As a bit of a Ravenclaw perfectionist, she's eating herself up over what went wrong before and worries she won't get it right this time, either. Severus is exactly what she needs, though! ;) Thank you, again!

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