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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.15 - 10:00PM 68: The Mechanics of Motherhood Signed
DEATH TO DUMBLEDORE!!! God, he is so DISGUSTING in this story! Honestly, the only difference between your portrayal of him and JKR's is that in your story, he's openly horrible, instead of hiding behind a virtuous mask. Good for Severus for standing up to him! I wish he'd done that in canon. And who is Albus to lecture Severus on the "sins" of HIS early life? Severus was never an adored superstar who planned to be a genocidal maniac and rule the world with his boyfriend. He was a desperate, depressed bully victim who sought refuge with the only group that offered it. YKW's hypocrisy stinks worse than a million cesspits.

nagandsev 2012.02.08 - 12:59PM 68: The Mechanics of Motherhood Signed
A little bit of Moody(Crouch) goes a long way- hehe! Dumbledore meddling more- reading on to see where the portkey takes her!

Author's Response: Yes, I think she had about as much of Moody/Crouch as she could stand, and that Severus had as much of Dumbledore as he could stand. Thank you for reviewing!

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