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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

nagandsev 2011.12.03 - 10:04AM 60: A Quantum of Summertime Signed
Great chapter! Love their time together the way it should have always been! Oh, how sinister with the DE drawing... how much did Sev tell Eileen! Love the portrayal of his response to their child growing & his appreciation for Sept's body carrying the life force within! xx

Author's Response: The Dark Mark is a major canon factor in upcoming events, so I couldn't ignore it. Meanwhile, Severus will probably ultimately tell Eileen everything he's figured out, in case it proves important. Thank you, again!

Elaine Lahey 2011.10.28 - 04:10PM 60: A Quantum of Summertime Signed
I love this story! I hope they'll be able to fool Dumbledore about the due date. Please write more. More, more, more! Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Snape is planning things very carefully, now that he knows he can't trust Dumbledore. Hopefully it will be good enough. More is coming, I promise!

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