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Reviews for Restricted Reading

loreen77 2012.08.05 - 11:31AM 1: Restricted Reading Signed
Lol, brillant. One must be prepared for life.....

Author's Response: Indeed :-) Thanks for taking the time to review!

KellyJoy 2011.10.16 - 06:16PM 1: Restricted Reading Signed
Yay, I'm glad you put this story up on Occlumency - gives me an excuse to read it again (not that I needed one)! Charity's one lucky gal. I know you already have my review at FFN, so I'll just say that now I'm even more excited for the next chapter of Avada Kedavra! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again - you always make me smile! I'm working on the next chapter of AK, but real life is not leaving me nuch time at the moment!

sevvy 2011.10.15 - 04:19PM 1: Restricted Reading Signed
LOL! I see my dear friend hexgirl has beaten me to it - our minds were clearly on the same track! But this does beg the question as to what such a book was doing in the Hogwarts library (restricted section or not) in the first place?! I can't help but think that particular volume may have been "borrowed" more than a few times by Madam Pince herself - no wonder she had a sly smile for our dear Potions master ;-) Loved it though, very amusing little one-shot! :-)

Author's Response: Haha, what a great thought... To think that Madam Pince has a saucy side herself... Unfortunately she'll never know where her little book has gone, Lol!

hexgirl 2011.10.15 - 11:59AM 1: Restricted Reading Signed
Love it. I'm trying to work out if he was reading 'The Joy of Sex' or 'Kama Sutra for Wizards' - So glad he's taking his date deadly serious. Some girl is going to be lucky tonight.

Author's Response: Hehe, he's ever the perfectionist, isn't he?

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