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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.14 - 05:50PM 55: The Mechanics of Prevarication Signed
Hmmm. Apparently Severus wasn't the only one "sorted too soon." Remus is acting very Slytherinish. It was disgusting the way YKW referred to Septima as if she were an object. Of course, he's a psychopath, so he sees everybody as objects.

nagandsev 2011.09.30 - 02:13PM 55: The Mechanics of Prevarication Signed
Great twist with Remus' quick thinking and saving the day! Dumbledore is such an arse - I want to throw something at him! Ughh! :-) Also like the bittersweet threat of Remus' for Severus to take care of both Harry and his daughter...

Author's Response: Remus was as much a pawn in this as the other two, and Dumbledore has far too many ulterior motives right now. Remus knows this and is willing to be friends... sort of. Thank you for the review!

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