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Reviews for Submission Rules

ccognett 2012.09.03 - 09:31AM 1: Oneshot Signed
It was the post-script that got me. Very funny. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks!

SandyKinns 2012.04.13 - 02:12AM 1: Oneshot Signed
Very clever. Thanks for the laugh.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it.

Awayfromme 2012.01.31 - 10:21PM 1: Oneshot Signed
Yes. Hell yes. I love this <3 I laughed out loud :) but I think even if Severus Snape said this to me face to face with the most disdainful expression, I would STILL be up for the aforementioned dentition... & I think he's lying about the silk boxers. For reals :3

Author's Response: I really hope he's lying! You can have the detention slot after mine! Thanks for reviewing :)

Mistris mayhem 2011.12.29 - 11:41PM 1: Oneshot Signed
i read this and the entire time i could hear his voice reading the letter. and when it came to the nicknames and the silk boxers, i could not stop laughing... nearly fell out of my chair. but it sounds like something he would say. very well written.

Author's Response: Thanks; glad I brightened up your day.

parothed67 2011.11.07 - 10:32PM 1: Oneshot Signed
I swear I could hear Professor Snape's unmistakable baritone acerbically enunciating each word in my head as I read this. I am well past my schoolgirl years but I quaked.

Author's Response: I'm not usually pleased to hear I scared someone silly, but I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!

hexgirl 2011.09.29 - 11:53AM 1: Oneshot Signed
I would never call you anything but Professor Snape or Sir. I promise to abide by your rules as far as possible, Professor. But are you sure you won't change your mind about Hermione, you might like it? ((Well done author - very funny indeed!))

Author's Response: On the other hand, hexgirl, I might like you. With a name like that, you sound perfect. Just remember to call me 'Sir'. (Sorry, I couldn't stop him! Thanks for your review!)

alina290 2011.09.25 - 11:15PM 1: Oneshot Signed
This was really good. Sounds like it was fun to write. for me it was fun to read. I imagined Snapes' voice. I will do anything to get detention with him. Please. Liz

Author's Response: It was great fun to write; glad it was as much fun to read. All the rules are there, just break them to get detention! Thanks for reviewing :)

lie 2011.09.23 - 05:51PM 1: Oneshot Signed
Ha yes exelent!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Owlbait 2011.09.20 - 07:14PM 1: Oneshot Signed
as you are, none of you, too old to be brought to Hogwarts to serve detention with me. oh, pretty please? with chocolate on?

Author's Response: Yes, I'm sure detention can be arranged - I hope you like disembowelling horned toads!

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