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Reviews for The Redemption

Rose of the West 2011.11.27 - 11:56PM 2: At Black Manor Signed
Wow, he's doing everything he can to turn her into his little trophy.

Author's Response: That's an interesting comparison! Very, very true... Thank you for your review!

Author's Response: That's an interesting comparison! Very, very true... Thank you for your review!

Author's Response: Um, sorry for the duplication! I shouldn't have updated the page.

June W 2011.11.22 - 07:54AM 4: Back at Black Manor Signed
Wow... she is really going to have to wrestle with herself to figure out what she wants, and how to survive and live with herself. I do hope baby-Severus doesn't suffer. To have "everything" Obliviated sounds like it might cause brain damage. Frightening thought. Thank you for the new chapter!!

Author's Response: Absolutely... Her inner conflict will be very painful, but let's hope it will help her find some satisfaction. Yet, I'm not sure the death wouldn't be better. Severus decides eventually against Obliviating her: he kind of takes pity on her, and he realizes she needs to love him no matter what he does. But it would be horrible indeed... Thank you very much! I hope the next chapter won't disappoint you! :)

June W 2011.11.01 - 03:49AM 3: At Hogwarts Signed
OMG, Lockhart applied for DADA! I suppose the Death Eaters let him live because he is Pureblood and amusing, but I figure he will leave the country for new 'adventures."

Baby Snape sounds cute and I hope he is of good character, something that might cheer Lily. I do wonder if the Mirror of Erised has been tampered with and why it is hidden away.

Pettigrew as a loyal friend and Secret Keeper... not sure if I see him as brave enough to face Voldy and torture, unless he'd hoped James and Sirius and Lily could help him somehow if he kept their Secret.

The potions - no longterm effects for Baby Snape? Will Lucius go through with his reluctant agreement to be the godfather? I shudder to think of what would happen to Baby and Lily if something happened to Severus.

Thank you for the new chapter!!

Author's Response: Definitely! Lockhart won't risk capture by staying close to the Death Eaters, even if they consider him too weak to be an interesting target. Pettigrew... I admit I wanted to justify him a bit; he was a Gryffindor after all, and one of the Marauders. But he is not a completely positive character: he was jealous enough to join the Death Eaters, and selfish enough to show the memory to Lily while she was pregnant and trying to find a way to accept her condition. But still, he wouldn't have condemned his friends... As to the baby, he will certainly become a Death Eater, as did his father. But perhaps, he would inherit some of Lily's traits... The potions were designed to define his appearance: Severus hoped Lily would love the child if he took after her. Lucius accepted to be the godfather - even though he doesn't like the idea of protecting the child of a "Mudblood," he is a loyal friend to Severus and would keep his word. If something happened to Snape, he would care for the baby. And Lily... she would probably die, as she wished to. The secret of the Mirror will be revealed in the next chapter! :) Thank you very much for reading the story and for your kind review!

Moira of the Mountain 2011.10.27 - 01:16AM 3: At Hogwarts Signed
Horribly, darkly, lushly seductive. The sort of tale where, as much as you'd wish to, you cannot look away. I've been reveiwing you over on TPP but when I saw a new chapter posted here, well, as I said....

Author's Response: Then I achieved my (evil) goal! :) Thank you so much!!!

June W 2011.10.23 - 10:12PM 2: At Black Manor Signed
Woah. Poor house-elves, all massacred. Probably better and safer for Petunia to forget Lily. Is Regulus Black still alive? Barty Crouch Jr and Sr? You've got me guessing about the potion Severus is making and what the ingredients are, why he was happy that she was angry at him. Well, I hope Dobby fares better here. Thank you for continuing the story, and I'll be waiting for the next post!

Author's Response: Thank you! You are completely right about Petunia and Dobby. Regulus is already dead (that's why Malfoy can pretend he "was odd" - Regulus' fondness for his house-elf shocked him), as is Crouch Sr, who was a fierce enemy of the Death Eaters. Barty Jr is alive, and I was thinking of mentioning him in the next parts (finally, there will be three more chapters...). The potion will be explained in the chapter III, which I am going to post soon. I don't think Severus was really happy that Lily was angry at him; like all the Death Eaters, he just liked to torture people, and he tortured her mentally, even if he "loved" her... Thank you again for you lovely review! I'm so glad you liked it!

June W 2011.09.08 - 02:39AM 1: At Malfoy Manor Signed
Wow. Well, I wonder how long Severus the halfblood will continue to survive in this new world, and if wizards from other nations will get involved. You raise so many fascinating questions here -- and plot bunnies. :=)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I think Severus has nothing to fear from Voldemort, because he is one of the most loyal and important Death Eaters. But I would be less optimistic about Pettigrew... Your question about the wizards from other countries is very interesting! It's quite likely, but Lily will never learn the details. :(

Rose of the West 2011.09.06 - 06:19PM 1: At Malfoy Manor Signed
Wow... that's a frightening prospect. Is this the beginning of a longer work or the full story here? Either way it works, but it would be interesting to see how the next ten years progressed. I would expect them to both to change by the end of that.

Author's Response: Thank you! At first, it was supposed to be an one-shot, but since then, I've been thinking of adding one or two more chapters. There definitely should be a kind of evolution. Let it be a surprise! :)

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