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Reviews for The Redemption

Awayfromme 2012.01.23 - 04:40AM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
This story held me captive, I ranged from sadness to anger so frequently. In a good way of course :) This Severus is by far the darkest I've known but at the same time I could feel the pull of his true love for Lily, even though his heart appears black as night... I am smitten with this character though so I will always see the good in him ;) Anyway, great job! I really loved this world you created & even though I felt so bad for poor Lily I simply could not stop reading. Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I totally understand your feelings; I can't help loving him either, despite his dark nature... :)

totalreadr 2012.01.15 - 09:23PM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
Hmm...I was expecting a dark "What if Snape had never switched sides?" AU...but this is more like, "What if Snape had been much worse than in canon thus preventing him from ever even considering switching sides?" Honestly you could have had him not switch sides without making him *this* much worse! This Snape has become so much worse than he was in canon that it's hard to connect him to canon Snape. He's an unsatisfying cardboard villain. And Lily is a cardboard Poor Victim. I think this could be much creepier if Snape were more IC. In real Stockholm Syndrome, the captors don't try to manipulate the captives to fall in love with them. They maybe talk with them a little, and spin the story from their POV (as most people do), but they don't tell blatant lies, let alone stage acting scenes! They don't need to. That's what's so creepy about Stockholm Syndrome.

Author's Response: My dark!Snape is definitely not canon, nor was it my intention to make him such - I've written him the way I saw him. The fact that he never switched sides is therefore automatic. In this fic, Snape actually did intend to manipulate Lily to make her love him, regardless of the classical Stockholm Syndrom. Without his interventions, it would have taken much longer for Lily to give up, and he wanted to accelerate the process... out of mercy, as he believed. Her transformation follows a direct line: after the capture and the horrors of the first chapter, there is a period of intense suffering (ch.2), then a phase of apathy, after which she realizes, thanks to an exterior event (mirror of Erised), that she can't live this way forever and that somehow she has to accept her fate (ch.3). That's the moment he chooses to start his manipulation (ch.4), and after a final revolt (the dress), she capitulates (ch.5). I'm sorry if the fic disappointed you.

June W 2012.01.02 - 08:18AM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
Well, if you don't mind me asking.... What would happen to the Snape kiddies after their parents' deaths? Would Severus remain in Voldy's favor until the end? How would the kids treat their mother -- would they participate in torturing her as their father does? Would Lily even try to raise the kids, esp her daughter, in an active way -- or just let Severus direct their upbringing?

Author's Response: Severus Jr. would surely become a Death Eater at the age of 17; as to Eileen, she would marry one of the Death Eaters' sons, but would never receive the Dark Mark herself. She would have some of Lily's features, but I can't imagine her as kind as her mother... Both children would be nice to Lily, fascinated by her purity and the fact that she is so different from all the people they know (exactly like Snape is). She is likely to try to instill some of her principles in them, even though it would be rather no use (because of their Slytherinesque education); eventually, she would love them despite all their vices, as she loves Severus. And Snape would remain on good terms with both Voldy and his colleagues. But every reader can imagine his own version if he prefers! :)

Author's Response: Hi June! I just wanted to let you know a little prequel to "The Redemption" was posted today: "The Spinner's Ends." I hope it brings a little more detail into the story! :)

June W 2012.01.02 - 06:50AM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
Mind-boggling to think of Lucius letting Draco have a relationship with a daughter of Lily the Mudblood. Okay, I have to stop asking you questions so you can write new stories! Thank you for answering. XD

Author's Response: I was thinking rather of an affair: indeed, Draco wouldn't marry a half-blood (although in this fic, Lucius is quite easy to persuade...). Not at all, I enjoy our discussions a lot! :)

June W 2012.01.01 - 09:55PM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
Now you have me curious (again). How do you envision Lily's death? Would Severus and baby Severus survive? The Malfoys?

Author's Response: I think she would die from a heart attack: she has suffered so much (Severus will never stop torturing her subtly, as he did on their wedding night - just for his amusement), and she has already had pains in her chest at the end of the fourth chapter. Snape would live a little longer. But before this happened, they would live together for a quite long time and have more children. I believe their daughter (whom Lily would name Eileen) would have a relationship with Draco...

June W 2011.12.29 - 06:28PM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
WOW.... I'm trying to come up with words for a coherent comment. This is an incredibly well-written story, with Lily never quite sure of what's true, even her own feelings. I'm sad that Dobby died just for obeying Lily's orders, and wonder who killed Dobby (Severus? Lucius?). While Severus won and got his way for now, in the long run, I suspect that the wizards and Muggles of the world would ultimately defeat Voldy and the Death Eaters, but Lily might end up in a mental ward and baby Severus would end up like Neville -- a functional orphan. THANK YOU for writing this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, dear June! I'm sorry about Dobby... Severus killed him during the wedding feast (Lily saw him tell something to Lucius before exiting the hall, and Lucius "shrugged reluctantly" - he was in fact asking for the permission to kill Dobby). It's possible that one day Voldemort would be defeated, but it would take a lot of time, and Lily would be dead by then. As to Severus Jr., I'm afraid he will be very much like his father...

jesuisme94 2011.12.29 - 12:04AM 2: At Black Manor Signed
This is quite good so far... I have no criticism whatsoever. Thank you for thisn

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Severus49 2011.12.28 - 07:26PM 5: Back at Malfoy Manor Signed
Your writing is incredible. But this is an incredibly disturbing story. It's not a love story, it's really not even a redemption story. It's the story of capitulation and hopelessness. It's really horrid. Lily is an island in a sea of darkness and Purebloods. She has no friends, no family - aside from baby Severus - and not even everything is real about him! She really is doomed to a life that is surreal and not to be trusted. Hell on earth, and Severus is the Gatekeeper.

Author's Response: Thank you for the beautiful review! I couldn't agree more. It's really intended to be a parody of redemption, as Lily has never done anything wrong. That's why I don't feel able to write more chapters - she has already given in, and her life will now be much too horrible.

Rose of the West 2011.11.28 - 12:29AM 4: Back at Black Manor Signed
She's got some tough choices to make, not the least for the baby. But he can't make it better by Obliviation unless he removes every memory back to the day he called her Mudblood.

Author's Response: In fact, he wanted to remove the memories he had given her back for the three days, as they were the most disturbing ones, but he wouldn't touch the rest (because he actually wanted her to suffer, then to overcome her own repugnance and to love him despite all he had done). But he decided against it when he saw her distress. Of course, it didn't help... There will be some major decisions in the last chapter! Thank you for your kind reviews!

Rose of the West 2011.11.28 - 12:14AM 3: At Hogwarts Signed
She's starting to lose touch, here. It's frightening to see what they've both become. I'm afraid that Snape is going to regret this before too long, though.

Author's Response: It certainly is... But to tell the truth, I don't believe Severus can change or have any remorse by now. Like one of my friends said, he really is an evil bastard in this fic. And the worst thing about it is Lily's absolute necessity to love him if she is to survive.

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