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Reviews for All Is Violent, All Is Bright

Rainfire 2011.11.12 - 03:11PM 12: Shining Through Signed
I'm really liking your story :) I'm glad I found it! Hope u update again soon!

linda0506 2011.09.25 - 01:49PM 7: A Moment of Stillness Signed
Feel bad for Severus, especially to know that Lily was aware of his feelings for her all along. Good that he ended up in a clinch with Isadora though.Shows that he can think of someone other than Lily. There is hope for him.

linda0506 2011.09.25 - 01:45PM 8: Remaining Light Signed
Is Sev perhaps feeling a little put out by Regulus and Isadora's growing friendship? Shall be watching with interest. You write well.

Rose of the West 2011.09.22 - 06:08PM 8: Remaining Light Signed
Aw... neither one is having a good day. Regulus is a little too cool about the whole thing about his and Isadora's families wanting them to get married.

Author's Response: He doesn't know, neither does his mother. This is just Isadora's mom being absolutely crazy.

makaem 2011.09.21 - 09:51PM 8: Remaining Light Signed
This is a neat story. I'm glad I wandered over to this site today.

Author's Response: Me too! Thanks so much for your review!

Rose of the West 2011.09.19 - 05:02PM 7: A Moment of Stillness Signed
The ice is broken between them now. Maybe now he'll have a little more compassion for her.

Rose of the West 2011.09.06 - 06:16PM 6: Beyond the Dying Light Signed
First she protests too much and then she comes upon some information she'd rather not have. Poor Isadora is going to be all twisted up at the next tutoring session, for sure.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for staying with me on this story :)

Rose of the West 2011.08.30 - 01:13AM 5: In The Distance Fading Signed
He's never better than when he discovers that other people have problems, too. Nice conversation between the two of them.

Rose of the West 2011.08.23 - 01:05AM 4: From Dust to Beyond Signed
It appears they work well enough together even if they can't get along. This is a fun read, so far. ;)

Author's Response: Haha thanks so much for your reviews!! I really appreciate all of them. I have so many chapters already written, I want to post them all! I hope you'll keep enjoying!

Rose of the West 2011.08.23 - 01:00AM 3: Dust and Echoes Signed
Abused by other houses, sneered at by his own, Severus doesn't have much of a life at Hogwarts, and yet it's better than his home. That's so unfortunate.

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