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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.14 - 04:10PM 44: A Quantum of Overconfidence Signed
Severus needs a quantum of knuckle sandwich after allowing Septima to embarrass herself in front of Remus like that. And Dumbledore, as always, needs a quantum of ass-kicking. Obviously he's never heard of sexual harassment. Bravo to Septima for showing a quantum of backbone and putting one over on him--at least for now.

Author's Response: Correct on all counts! This was such a hopeful chapter to write. Thank you for reviewing!

nagandsev 2011.08.05 - 09:35AM 44: A Quantum of Overconfidence Signed
Nice dynamics and twists; but just because Dumbles is allowing her to stay, conditionally, doesn't mean he'll not keep interfering- one way or another! Seotima seems to be gaining her strength and willpower more rapidly- her memory modifications remain to be revealed; poor Remus *hehe*

Author's Response: You understand this Dumbledore all too well. Poor Remus, indeed. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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