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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

nagandsev 2011.07.22 - 07:08AM 41: A Quantum of Clarity Signed
Her memory modification does seem to be intensifying - but it'd be nearly impossible for her to believe or become aware of this -- the gaps and confusion seem to be slowly increasing - is Severus the only one who'll perceive this? Thanks for Remus being a gentleman - damaged and randy for Septima, but regardless, a gentleman and sincerely concerned for her-- hmmn, maybe he'll help Severus to pull the wool over Dumbles eyes - for Septima's sake if not also for Sev's? -- the old meddlesome goat'll deserve it!

Author's Response: I don't know exactly how far Remus is willing to extend himself. He's not saying, yet. On some level, she's becoming aware that something is off, but she's resisting it, of course. Thank you for all the lovely reviews!

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