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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

WelkinCooper 2012.05.25 - 07:43PM 33: A Quantum of Springtime Signed
DNA test...or the wizarding equivalent. Mystery solved. I know, I know...it would ruin the suspense. I liked the mini dress under the robes.

Author's Response: It's 1991/92 and DNA wasn't what it is now, plus if he spoke to the girl directly, he might cause problems. So he's going to figure out as much as possible secretly. Thank you, so much for the reviews!

nagandsev 2011.07.21 - 03:28PM 33: A Quantum of Springtime Signed
Just when I was going to write 'what a happy chapter - springtime indeed! everything's looking up for everyone' - the final moment isn't letting me-- must find out what has happened. Reading on (sorry RL keeps me from regularly catching up on this - slowly but surely)!

Author's Response: I know, I had to go and wreck it, there, didn't I? Thank you, as always!

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