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Reviews for Hair Apparent

Jong_Kahn 2011.07.10 - 08:56PM 1: The Wig Signed
That was an interesting take on things! He and Lily had a daughter who turned out to be Hermione, eh? Will Harry ever know Hermione wasn't simply 'like' a sister, she WAS his sister? Good little one-shot, if that's all it was. If it should turn out to be more, that'll be nice, too.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Yes, I think Harry would find out. Hermione would let him know after she's sorted out the facts for herself. I'm still not sure if it's going to go any further, but I'll post it here if I do.

June W 2011.06.10 - 12:36AM 1: The Wig Signed
So any chance of more? :=) I am guessing that father and daughter will dance around the issue for a while before Hermione speaks up. Ron would go ballistic about her being Snape's child. No idea what Harry would do. More, please!

Author's Response: This was supposed to be a one-shot, but so was Arithmantic Moment, which spawned a story 40-some chapters long so far. A storyline for this did suggest itself to me, so I'm trying to shuffle my WIPs. Thank you for the review!

ayerf 2011.06.07 - 05:40AM 1: The Wig Signed
Priceless! Very original way to find out parentage. Especially funny to imagine Harry's reaction to the news, although I'm sure Hermione's would be interesting too, especially if she doesn't know she's adopted.

Author's Response: Thank you! Hermione's and Harry's reactions would be very interesting, no matter how they found out. I've been thinking about that in the context of this story. Why would Hermione offer her hair? Almost seems like she wanted to test something...

kittymipie 2011.06.06 - 10:15PM 1: The Wig Signed
ok, i'm sorry, but that was absolue CRAP! make it longer, with more info, and i will take this back. have a good life.

Author's Response: Thank you for caring enough to leave a review. I appreciate honesty. I'm sorry that it isn't your cup of tea.

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