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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.13 - 06:49PM 30: A Quantum of Confusion Signed
Hmmm. I think Septima needs to take a backbone-enhancing potion. She's just too nice! I really like the Parseltongue Arithmancy, though. That's very original and intriguing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I had fun picturing how this particular year could play out and whether there were ways to get clues about the heir of Slytherin. Septima has had some bad breaks and really hasn't had the chance to learn much. Unfortunately, she's learning it all through experience.

WelkinCooper 2012.05.25 - 07:22PM 30: A Quantum of Confusion Signed
I have to say that Arithmancy would probably be my least favorite subject, but the way you write it makes it sound interesting to me.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love math; it was my first love, academically speaking, until Chemistry took me over.

nagandsev 2011.07.21 - 02:53PM 30: A Quantum of Confusion Signed
So Lockhart's on the prowl and an annoyance to Septima - she has enough to deal with without him leeching on! LOL Love the twist with the pertifications and Severus seeking her as a confidant & helper to help the situation. Will read on to find out what the eerie runes spell out!

Author's Response: LOL, I thought I was being obvious with those runes and Septima freaking out, but many people asked who was mentioned there. Lockhart is just yet another annoyance piled on that will be easier to deal with than some of the rest of it all. ;) Thank you for reading!

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