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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.13 - 06:13PM 27: The Mechanics of Making Plans Signed
I've been reading and enjoying this, although I've been too lazy to review it. After this chapter, though, I had to review. I'm now imagining a fanfic in which Dumbledore is captured by Voldemort and horribly tortured (described in graphic detail). Severus and Harry work together to rescue him. During their researches, however, they discover the horrible way he's treated them and others and screwed up people's lives. They decide to let Voldemort have him. Aaahhhhh! I feel much better now. :D

Author's Response: That's quite all right, LOL! Thank you so much for reviewing. Yes, this is a rather mean Dumbledore, meaner than I've ever made him. That sounds like an awesome plot bunny, by the way. I hope you do something with it!

WelkinCooper 2012.05.11 - 09:29PM 27: The Mechanics of Making Plans Signed
I understand Dumbledore's reasons, but this is certainly going to throw a hitch into resuming the relationship. Severus is kind of a dunderhead if he thinks she's going to respond well to that terribly impersonal note he sent.

Author's Response: By now she knows better than to expect anything personal with Severus Snape, even after a very nice night and morning. Meanwhile, Dumbledore has some ownership issues with his teachers, particularly the Potions master. Thank you for the review!

Anastasia Witchling 2011.07.10 - 11:58AM 27: The Mechanics of Making Plans Signed
I really hate Dumbledore...

Author's Response: I guess I did what I was hoping to do, then! Poor guy, he's not usually this awful. Thank you for the reviews!

nagandsev 2011.05.11 - 09:57AM 27: The Mechanics of Making Plans Signed
I liked the harsh, blunt portrayal of Dumbledore and his interfering ways - very effective... poor Severus, but more so, poor Septima when she reads that message!

Author's Response: Yeah, Septima is in for a rude awakening. It takes so little for her to build her hopes up. Dumbledore seems to be *trying* to build up a certain level of anger in Severus, doesn't he? Thank you for the review!

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