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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

WelkinCooper 2012.05.09 - 09:20PM 22: Absolute Zero Signed
Okay! Maybe I was right after all!

Author's Response: Yes, terror is a pretty good deterrent, and Snape is going to use it. Thank you!

nagandsev 2011.04.27 - 09:18AM 22: Absolute Zero Signed
Before the ending, I was reading and thinking 'wow, this is heavier than all the others - how much more can Septima put up with?' - But then, the ending with the apparition interceding between her and that rutting swine Erwin - dare I hope? Squeee...! reading on!

Author's Response: There's a reason I gave the chapter that title (and broke with my chapter title scheme). It's kind of the pivot point of the story. I won't ask what you hoped; by now you have the answer to your question. Thank you, again!

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