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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

WelkinCooper 2012.05.09 - 08:34PM 18: Mechanical Interactions Signed
What a shame she didn't just tell him why she was so angry. To let years go by loving and hating someone so much. Her life is every bit as sad as his. I really like this pairing. I've always preferred Severus with either an OFC or a lesser known Canon female more in his age range. This one is perfect because you know so little about her from Canon. You can make her anything you want.

Author's Response: She doesn't feel like she can face him without falling apart in one way or another, and she doesn't want to give him the satisfaction. He's convinced himself that he's better off without entanglements. I love working with OCs and smaller canon characters. It's unreasonable to think that there are only about 1200 people in the whole wizarding world, which would be the case if the ones we saw were all of them. Thanks, again!

nagandsev 2011.04.20 - 01:02PM 18: Mechanical Interactions Signed
It's so sad... her longing and growing loneliness as time goes by... neither being capable to honestly deal with the pain and understanding, or lack of, of the other; I hope Septima will get some peace and closure regarding the lost child and other feelings of betrayal and lost due to him soon.

Author's Response: One can hope that as time goes on, they'll find a way to work through things. Thanks for the review!

Eleni 2011.04.11 - 03:17PM 18: Mechanical Interactions Signed
hopefully they will soon talk so she can be aware that Severus did not sell her

Author's Response: Well, it's a long time, canon-wise, but not too many more chapters. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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