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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

WelkinCooper 2012.04.25 - 12:31PM 10: A Quantum of News Signed
Oh dear...I hope she really didn't get pregnant on purpose, hoping for a better outcome. Not a good idea. I think he'd decide to do the honorable thing though.

Author's Response: No, they were being responsible; it really was just one of those things that can happen. He's going to try to have everything in a twisted sort of Slytherin idea of honor. Thank you, again!

hexgirl 2011.03.18 - 06:38AM 10: A Quantum of News Signed
Things can only get better. I hope that Severus will start to think about their relationship and see it as something he could enjoy emotionally as well as physically.

Author's Response: If he would learn to rely upon her emotionally, he could be so much better off. Unfortunately, his mind is on other things. Thank you for the lovely reviews!

tangerine dream 2011.03.18 - 01:36AM 10: A Quantum of News Signed
Oh dear!! I feel for both of them!

Author's Response: I know what you mean. It's an awkward situation all around. Thank you for reviewing!

nagandsev 2011.03.13 - 02:21PM 10: A Quantum of News Signed
Oh poor Septima - very clear depiction of this revelatory scene and their different reactions, and Septima's expectation and disappointment thereof... I won't fully cast judgement on Severus - will try to hold onto the cliff until the next chapter to see if he goes after her, or not... and if not, then I'll write a variety of unpleasant names to call him, young man or not (as he is so clearly depicted here)... well done! But again, poor Septima... but she couldn't help where her heart led her, numbers supporting her or not...

Author's Response: He's not particularly loveable here, is he? To be fair, he hasn't had time to really think about it yet. Maybe he won't be such a jerk after all. Thanks for the reviews!

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