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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

WelkinCooper 2012.04.25 - 11:51AM 7: Mechanical Morning Signed
His resolve to make it a one night stand is weakening by the second. She's definitely got him, without really trying. He's going to need a lot more cigarettes.

Author's Response: He's never had anything like this happen to him before, so he's a bit of a fish out of water, but he's determined to stay unentangled.

tangerine dream 2011.03.06 - 06:03PM 7: Mechanical Morning Signed
Finally caught up on this!! Great chapters!! I am glad they have gotten together, but I do hope Severus sees her as more than a short fling!

Author's Response: I had figured that this would be twelve chapters, tops, but I'm already up to twenty and the end is barely in sight! So I can say it's not a short fling, but Severus's view of the situation may be questionable.

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