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Reviews for Winter Gifts

EA Snape 2014.09.22 - 01:41AM 1: Winter Gifts Signed
I am soaking wet.... Amazing story!

Author's Response: Why, thank you. We aim to please...

SandyKinns 2012.04.14 - 03:28AM 1: Winter Gifts Signed
Loved this :) Thanks for not killing him off; you had me worried.

tangerine dream 2011.03.07 - 12:42AM 1: Winter Gifts Signed
Wonderful story. A happy ending of sorts that isn't too fluffy!

hexgirl 2011.03.03 - 02:50AM 1: Winter Gifts Signed
This is so wonderful. I'm really not a fan of this pairing - at least I wasn't, but I think you have persuaded me. There is so much I love about this even apart from the fact that it is so well written. You had me completely at the end, I was convinced the birthday request was for her to end it all for him and in a way it was. Of course, it would have been nicer to imagine a full recovery for him and a full and happy life, but this is compromise between oblivion and fluff, and I think you make it real and believable. Very well done indeed. I don't suppose you could write some fluff too? No? Fair enough!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you're finding the pairing a bit more plausible. I think they work quite well together, given a shared love for Quidditch and acerbic wit, and a dislike of small talk and fools. I'd love to write something fluffier about the pair--am working on something slightly humorous--it it's hard not to introduce too much angst where poor Severus is involved, though. I can recommend a pair of fluffy-ish Minerva/Severus stories: If you like good writing and great characterizations, check out "My Journal About Stephen and Miranda" and "Now That I'm Older." Both are by the wonderful Kelly Chambliss, and can be found at her FFN page (author name: kellychambliss). They come as close to a plausible happy ending for Severus as I've ever seen.

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