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Reviews for Mammals of the Order Chiroptera (August, 1995)

Jong_Kahn 2012.10.12 - 12:46PM 1: Mammals of the Order Chiroptera (August, 1995) Signed
You might have gotten more readers (and reviews) with another title, as it sounds like a scientific treatise. That's likely what you were after in calling this thatbut it's an off-putting title. It sounds dry, dull, and not at all erotic. I'm not saying that to hurt or offend you, just explaining that it doesn't invite most people to read it. I'm glad popped up on random, even if I thought "? What the hell is that?" An excellent little story, for all my quibbles about its label! (And another "10" for you, for putting up with my ramblings.)

Author's Response: I do have a tendency toward cryptic titles. The idea behind this one was that Severus starts off as the dry, clinical observer, so I did want a somewhat clinical feel for the title. But I see what you mean about it being off-putting and discouraging people from reading it. I'll have to ponder that. Thanks for giving the story a chance anyway, and for your thoughtful comments!

Jong_Kahn 2012.10.12 - 12:28PM 1: Mammals of the Order Chiroptera (August, 1995) Signed
Interestingly different. Not hard to imagine Gambon's Dumbledore doing that, especially since in 2009 he sired a son with his mistress (their second child!) at the (then) age of 68. So this story is not as implausible as some might think! And that we all have our odd erotic thoughts on unlikely individuals includes Severus Snape as well, should likewise not be a complete surprise. I may favorite this, just to keep this unusual concept on my Ashwinder pantry shelf, for when I have a taste for something different. Well done.

Author's Response: Didn't know that about Gambon. I always think of Dumbledore as being quite vibrant and healthy for a man of his year, given that we see him duelling Voldemort in OoTP and traveling to the cave in HBP, so it wasn't a stretch for me to imagine him having it off with someone up against a wall, LOL! Glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for commenting.

SandyKinns 2012.04.13 - 03:04AM 1: Mammals of the Order Chiroptera (August, 1995) Signed
Glad they didn't catch him! I found the discriptions of him noticing Minerva when he was younger to be very sexy.

tangerine dream 2011.03.10 - 05:20PM 1: Mammals of the Order Chiroptera (August, 1995) Signed
Well done! I was worried they would discover Severus and try for a threesome!! Now that would have been a bit much!

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