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Reviews for The Charmed Bride

mkwiant 2012.10.10 - 01:20AM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
The reason I came back to this story: I love your story. It is very different from anything I've ever read with snape, but it is also familiar. I love the gentle OC, and I have hopes that it will end happily.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! This story has a special place in my heart because stylistically it was very different from anything I've done. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

KarenDetroit 2012.02.20 - 02:58PM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
I think this story was beautifully written and lovingly designed. The blend of Scheherazade's and Chaucer's story-telling techniques is very effective. Dumbledore, however, is totally out of character. He would never have let sleeping dragons dream...he would have worked his wand off trying to make everyone dance to his tune and follow his plots. Thanks for writing. Given the quality of her later books, it's not hard to write better than Rowling.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Canon Dumbledore does seem to keep things in a flurry, but I'm not as sure about the ten years between Voldemort's death and Harry's arrival at school. It's an interesting thought... suppose Dumbledore had tried to speed up the schedule and had brought the Philosopher's Stone to Hogwarts a few years earlier...

lackoffortune 2011.07.19 - 04:35PM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
I absolutely adored this little tale of yours! I suppose one of the things which made it such a creditable story is the fact that Lily is mentioned, and that he feel somewhat guilty over "getting over" her so quickly.. You see, I always tend to feel rather guilty whilst reading a story where our dear Severus isn't quite himself (for example if he couldn't care less about Lily). I suppose that all the other things I found endearing in this story are all listed, furthermore I can only apologize for writing such a long comment (haha), congratulate you on writing this beautiful story and receiving so many views, it truly is one of the best ones out there. I hope to be able to reed more beautiful stories from you in the future

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I always leave some understanding of Lily in my stories about Snape. He usually comes to some sort of understanding about it, but I always start with his love for her being firmly in place.

Angelslayer 2011.06.06 - 10:08AM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
I just loved the story - I liked it's stle and mystery - well done

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I liked working in a different sort of style, myself, and I always enjoy a little mystery. ;)

HalfordsDoll 2011.06.01 - 11:01PM 1: The Bride's Arrival Signed
Fairy tales have always appealed to me. I am a hopeless romantic, and I do enjoy the way you characterized Severus. A romantic that finally gives in. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! Yes, I think he's got a deep romantic streak. That's why he fancied Lily to begin with and why he kept loving her for so long. I also think that under the right circumstances, that romantic streak might notice other options. ;)

NJ Dryad 2011.05.21 - 11:14PM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
I really liked the fairy tale flavor of this. I might characterize it as "sweetly Slytherin." Kalinda is subtle and gentle, but she gets what she wants in the end by using persuasion, encouragement, and nudging. She's so good Severus often doesn't even realize he's being manipulated, or if he does, he doesn't care. Maybe that's the real reason he came to prefer Kalinda to Lily: They're snaky soulmates. Dumbledore could learn from her.

Author's Response: Thank you again for reading my story and reviewing! Yes, Severus appreciates and responds to the way Kalinda manouvers him. She doesn't lecture, the way Lily would; she develops the situation until he decides it's the best way anyhow. Thank you, again!

NJ Dryad 2011.05.21 - 10:23PM 1: The Bride's Arrival Signed
I like the fairy tale style of the introduction. I also think it's funny that, despite appearing to be meek and submissive, the girl starts controlling Snape even before she's married to him. Dumbledore is his usual cheerfully manipulative self.

Author's Response: LOL! This was one of the hardest stories I ever wrote because the tone and style are so different from my normal way of thinking. I'm glad it came off well. As for Kalinda, she's got mad skills at using her femininity, doesn't she? ;) Thank you for the review!

Owlbait 2011.03.20 - 04:45PM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
Lovely exotic flavor to the story. I have a little trouble buying Severus agreeing to the marriage without entirely knowing the terms of the deal but it is nice to see him have a happy ending.

Author's Response: That's a fair point about his acquiescence. My excuse is that I had to keep it under 10k words, LOL. Then, too, we're more than a little AU here and this is a slightly different Snape. I love giving him happy endings. He gets so kicked by the canon. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

d w chong 2011.03.16 - 08:14PM 1: The Bride's Arrival Signed
I have read several of your stories, and I think that this one is just better because it is familiar, in that it is a fable format, in the Arabian Nights style, which is simple but charming. (And some people don't like long stories, although I do.) Perhaps the draw is Kalinda playing Scheherazade, with her nightly stories, as a means to seduce Severus, (it is a SS archive, so I imagine most of the readers can easily imagine themselves in Kalinda's place, although I would have liked it even better if you would have made something of the comparison between Kalinda's eyes and Snape's patronus). Plus, there is an additional element standard to fanon in Dumbledore's bullying Severus into marrying the girl, (so its forced-marriage fic). The question now is, how does Severus' relationship change the rest of the story? Kalinda would have an effect on how Snape treats HP, and how he is received by Voldie, once TDL returns. and also how it affects Snape's devotion to Dumbledore. (I can't see a happily married man being as cruel to HP without prompting from V, which would have a different flavor than actual animosity.) Plus, a husband and father has more to lose than a bereft man castigating himself for causing his unrequited love's death, and something to live for, (which would alter the memories he gives to HP to some extent, as he is not as guilty, or as devoted to Lily as he was, so Dumbledore would have to find some other way to convince HP to sacrifice himself at V's hands (and thus kill the the bit of V's soul within him. And since Snape's child was born the year after Lily was killed, it would be about two years younger than HP, and would be at the school the year after Ginny.

Author's Response: Thank you for the thoughtful review! I haven't really thought of a sequel to this, but I sort of envision something very AU, with more Arabian Nights stories in which Snape goes to find the Horcruxes and he and Dumbledore destroy them. That would still leave the snake and the scar in Harry's forehead, but it wouldn't take seven years to deal with those. I agree that Snape wouldn't be quite so evil to Harry; after being happily married for so many years in between, he wouldn't feel quite so much animosity. Thank you, again!

makaem 2011.03.06 - 03:18AM 5: The Groom is Charmed Signed
Very nice. I can't speak for other readers as to why the hit count in higher. I haven't been on this site in a while, but TPP has a really long queue. So I came over hear looking for something to read.

Author's Response: LOL! I hear that. There's some great stuff over there, though. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. Thank you for reviewing!

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