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Reviews for Wool

LChaim 2011.05.12 - 09:40AM 1: Wool Signed
I honestly don't know how int he world I overlooked this! Gallant called me last night and told me that you had two little ficlets on here called Wool and Evergreen! I am soooooooo excited! I love those little snippets. They always evoke a little emotion in me. As always it was beautifully written and made me smile. The love and compassion these two witches have for Severus is sweet and I loved her retort to his nastiness! LOL Great job! My two year olds should be going down for a nap soon so that should give me a few spare moments to read another lovely chapter of IHN!

Author's Response: There are times I find it calming to move away from "the epic" and simply paint a small picture of life after DH. I bless Minerva for her ability to bring SS up short when he needs it. I don't think they could be friends without that honesty in their regard for one another. And I've always suspected Poppy loved him - she just never challenged him to recognize the level of caring and respect she had for him.

The Gallant Gryffindor 2011.05.11 - 01:00PM 1: Wool Signed
*sob* these little snippets always bring me to tears LOL Sorry I guess I am just a sentimental sap. I love these little stories. It always strikes me that Severus finds these small comforts so foreign...things we take for granted everyday. Poor lad hasn't had an easy life, has he? Well I guess I need to go return L'Chaim's phone call because she didn't mention this so I don't think she realizes you wrote it! Again, great work!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed this little vignette. It was written as a gift to a lovely friend from another site. I enjoy these small pieces when they come to visit - there's another tucked away here as well - called "Evergreen". Enjoy !!

Rose of the West 2011.02.09 - 01:22AM 1: Wool Signed
I always enjoy stories in which Severus gets the comforts of home. I like the sense that the bad times are over and that he's going to be given what he needs to recover in spite of himself.

Author's Response: Thank you Rose - this was a little whimsey written for a lovely author/beta friend. I did enjoy allowing Severus that moment of revelation that he was worthy of every simple joy possible. Hoping to see you back at IHN as well - just went up on this site!!

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