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Reviews for Evergreen

NJ Dryad 2011.05.24 - 12:13AM 1: Evergreen Signed
This reminded me of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I've often thought Severus is like the tree in that story--neglected, forlorn, and unprepossessing--just needing a little love to transform into something beautiful.

Author's Response: The true nature of beauty is complex indeed. Thank you for a lovely review -that's one of my favorite stories, too!!

LChaim 2011.05.12 - 09:55AM 1: Evergreen Signed
How lovely and so very, very true. Great little snippet here!

Author's Response: There are those times when I feel the need to curb my verbosity and simply create a small and quiet image. This one happens to be a Solstice gift for my dear beta.

geomancer 2011.01.06 - 09:44PM 1: Evergreen Signed
As always with your work, I loved it. I was so excited to see new work from you. Thank you and happy new year!

Author's Response: Thank you so much (grins with joy)! Please know that I do plan for you all to see new work on "the tale" within the next several weeks, as well - Chapter 11 of IHN nears completion!

Rose of the West 2011.01.05 - 01:31PM 1: Evergreen Signed
What a lovely statement about what's truly beautiful! As always, your images are breathtaking.

Author's Response: Thank you, Rose. This was written as a Solstice gift for my wonderful beta. Her writing has shown me yet another aspect of what is truly beautiful.

radzi 2010.12.30 - 08:38PM 1: Evergreen Signed
A beautifully constructed parallel - man and tree. Thank you for this lovely holiday gift!

Author's Response: No matter how storm beaten our trees are here in the Colorado mountains, they stand straight and brave - so the parallel just seemed to fit. I'm glad this wee tale pleased you.

hexgirl 2010.12.29 - 12:31PM 1: Evergreen Signed
This was so touching and beautifully written. *Sighs* - lovely!

Author's Response: I find myself intrigued by a post DH relationship between SS and MM - not necessarily as lovers but certainly as loving friends who see each other clearly and with great affection.

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