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Reviews for The Cat Prince

sevvy 2010.11.08 - 03:44AM 1: none Signed
I'm never usually too sure about SS/MM fics (though I've written one myself before now!), but I LOVED this! Maybe it had something to do with Snape becoming a black cat as I'm now the proud owner of two extremely mischievious black male kittens (one of which very nearly got called Severus but for my husband & sons' objections!) However, I have always thought that Severus Snape's animagus form would be a black cat - it would be the most obivious conclusion I guess! I also liked the fact that this story was very different - makes a change to read about characters not often used in fanfic, i.e. Filch, Sprout etc. Well done, kudos to you!:-)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try writing Severus as a cat. I've always liked the idea of being an animagus so this was my chance to try to figure out some of what it might be like. I'm very glad you liked the story. Thanks so much for letting me know! :D

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