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Reviews for Velvet Silence

SituationalExtrovert 2012.07.08 - 08:40PM 36: Chapter Thirty-six - Jesse Signed
Pretty decent read, so good on you (collectively) for that. Interesting premise, handled admirably...except for one thing. It's really a small thing, just one line in the very first chapter, but I have to admit that I was distracted by it through the whole story, waiting for it to come into play, and it never did. You have Severus thinking to himself that he is 50 years old. So then I thought, okay, maybe it's supposed to be post-war. But then Harry & Draco are still in school. Which would make it 1997-1998, which would make Severus 37 or 38. Why age him by 12 years if it had nothing to do with the storyline/plot? As I mentioned, it really detracted from the story for me, becasue it was such an anomaly with no logical explanation. Other than that, it was quite good.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! Yes, we caught that age thing, but accepted that there will be inconsistencies from time to time with several authors posting. It's all in the editing, and this one was missed.

SataiDelenn 2012.02.22 - 11:49PM 8: Chapter Eight - Cyn Signed
This story is absolutely fascinating. I can so EASILY see his loathing, anger, self-hatred, etc. at being unable to be "normal." As a child, he was ousted from all things "normal," and as an adult, he finally found what was "normal" for himself, and now that's been taken away from him. I love the idea of him learning sign language. I learned the alphabet a long time ago, and a few full words and phrases here and there, but it's been so long since I've used them. Thank you for jogging my memory of them.

Author's Response: On behalf of the authors who wrote this one, thanks for your review. We really enjoyed writing it, and are gratified to know it hits the right chord with readers.

Severus49 2010.11.21 - 01:40AM 16: Chapter Sixteen - Becky Signed
Wonderful story, but I'm a little confused on the timeline for it. You said in the beginning of Chapter one, that Severus was just turning 50 years old. Being that his birthday is January 9, 1960, that would make the year 2010 that this story was happening. Plausible, except for one thing. Potter, Crabbe, Malfoy, Longbottom - that whole year of students graduated in 1996. They would have been in their thirties when this story was to have taken place. (And on a lighter note, I don't know many 46 year old women who have flat stomachs! LOL! I'm 41 and unless plastic surgery is involved, gravity isn't pretty on the body by our decade of life!)

Author's Response: Oops! Kudos for finding this timeline error. We won't be rewriting it, though we do recognize the importance of an accurate timeline. As for a 46-year-old witch still having a flat stomach, keep in mind that magical folk age much more slowly than Muggles, and since Alexa has never had children or been on the roller-coaster of weight loss/gain, it's entirely feasible that she'd still have a flat, firm tummy. Thanks for the review!

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