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Reviews for The Witching Hour

country127 2011.12.27 - 08:22PM 1: The Witching Hour Signed
This was really lovely. It's amazing how much tenderness and poignancy goes along with the thought of Snape being forgiven and actually feeling his burden lifted and a little bit of love. Snape seems to be JKR's whipping boy. If he isn't a hero who in the hell is? Thankfully, for those of us who care, we have stories like this.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.

Neko Mata 2010.12.04 - 12:01PM 1: The Witching Hour Signed
Absolutely amazing story! Its kinda the way it all worked out in the end. It really is so sad, poor Severus! Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, so pleased you enjoyed it.

nagandsev 2010.10.29 - 09:19AM 1: The Witching Hour Signed
Dear ladies, I know I left a comment on Muffliatto board, but each time I re-read this, it only enhances the wonderful, painful profoundness of it; it blew my mind having James ask for forgiveness and giving gratitude to Severus; and the existence of true hope: really powerful! Also, the morbid reflections at the beginning, contrasted by the poignant ending - really lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, it was a joy to write and Snapeswidow set it up so nicely that it could have gone in a number of different directions. So pleased you enjoyed it :)

hexgirl 2010.10.24 - 04:19AM 1: The Witching Hour Signed
What a lovely piece, I like the idea that James would feel some remorse for his part in the path Snape ended up walking. James was certainly a significant cog in the 'push Severus over to the dark side' wheel, IMHO. I think you had Snape's reaction to the ghost of James very well: angry, mistrustful and still full of resentment. Lily's message at the end was really touching. I t would be nice to feel that he could start to feel absolved after hearing of her forgiveness.

Author's Response: Thank you, hexgirl. I tried to avoid the obvious with this piece, and thought that somehow Lily's forgiveness and love has more impact coming from James. I'm pleased you think I've nailed Snapes reaction. He says he doesn't need an apology from Potter, but deep down I think he does. I guess I was hoping that James' apology coupled with lily's love and forgiveness gave Snape the extra strength to finish the task he'd been set. Thanks again for reading.

a1severuslives 2010.10.23 - 05:30PM 1: The Witching Hour Signed
Hi there, a very enjoyable piece. Thank you for putting down what we all KNOW happened in the REAL Harry Potter world. You know for some stupid reason I clicked on a JKR interview on Youtube the other day as it had Snape in the title. Off camera someone asked if Snape was a hero in the end, JKR got all high and mighty and said NO, he's not a hero because he is still bitter and still not a nice person.!Camera angle changed to the little 8 year old girl who asked the question. I never realised being bitter, unpleasant or a bastard disqualified one from being a hero! Wonder what the great authors CSLewis and JRRTolkien (very dear friends, both survivors of WW1, one of whom was wounded and left for dead) would say about JKR's nothero, Snape and her heroes, Sirius & James? Once more , thank you for the story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. I also wish JKR had a little more love in her heart for Snape, although apparently she always had Rickman in mind to play Snape, and we all know he is a heart-throb on a grand scale, so Snape cannot be as ugly as she describes him. Although, we are looking at Snape through Harry's eyes most of the time, and Harry's view of Snape is of course tainted. In answering the 8 year old's question however, maybe she was weary of giving the "secret" of Snape away? After all, we do not know he is a hero until right at the end and Rickman has been just as tight-lipped as to his true nature, so to not ruin it for those who are new to the series or who have watched the films only. I digress! Thanks again for reading and reviewing.

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