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Reviews for His First

Neko Mata 2011.03.02 - 08:31AM 12: 12: The First He Had To Let Go Signed
Ah, great! Always enjoy reading your stories, miss dulac. Can´t wait to read the sequel!

Author's Response: Can't wait to write the sequel either, but alas, no time, no energy ... for the time being. Then again, that has never stopped me before ;-) Hope I wont have to let you wait too long.

DormeDwayne 2011.02.27 - 08:40AM 12: 12: The First He Had To Let Go Signed
What an unbelievable story, and such a perfect OC! I can't wait for this to be continued and I promise I will wait very patiently for as long as it might take. :)

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed this and honoured that you'll be waiting for the sequel. Thanks a lot!

Eleni 2011.02.20 - 03:22PM 12: 12: The First He Had To Let Go Signed
she is a gifted woman so I think she will overcome the difficulties from living in the muggle world. I am looking forward to learn if she will meet Severus again ( I am sure she will) and if she kept the baby and if he will ever know.

Author's Response: I hope you won't have to wait too long for the answers to your questions. Thanks for being such a faithful reader. It means a lot!

notwolf 2011.02.19 - 01:39PM 12: 12: The First He Had To Let Go Signed
How sad. I mean, it's good the girl sold her manor and won't be poor, and hopefully she kept the child...but why not tell Charles? She seemed to really like him, and maybe even love him. And I would never break my wand, no matter what, I'd keep it in case of emergency even if I entered the muggle world. She must really be disenchanted with the whole wizarding world.

Author's Response: Nadezhda wants nothing to do with the wizarding world ever again. She believes magic has caused enough heartache and death and her only goal at the moment is to leave it all behind. Hope it won't be too long until I get the chance to tell you how this is working out for her.

notwolf 2011.02.12 - 11:29AM 11: 11: The First He Couldn’t Persuade Signed
Certainly she sees Snape as a good, kind man to her, and if only he remembered what had gone on with her... The thing is, he got back part of his memory of that night. I wonder how long before it all comes back and he finds out he's a daddy.

Author's Response: Guess we'll have to wait and see ...

notwolf 2011.02.06 - 11:41AM 10: 10: The First He Couldn’t Fool Signed
This was a very believable, forlorn chapter. She images of Snape and Nadezhda compared against one another in their upbringing, the heartbreaking loneliness each must have felt, the rejection by parents. So sad, yet we get to be glad that the girl is free...until Voldy comes back in 14 years, that is. I like how Lucius is portrayed, self-serving and a great actor, lol. I can see him doing that. And I really do like him a lot, so it isn't that. :P

Author's Response: It's hard work not to make Lucius the bad guy here. He has such great potential ;-) Glad you liked the chapter. It wasn't easy to write. Quite happy that I succeeded.

MissMetal47 2011.02.02 - 07:47PM 9: 9: The First He Cried With Signed
ooh! i was thinking that because the story deals with firsts, it would be snape's first time. Lololol, I guess not xD thanks for updating, keep up the great work! ps. thanks, i chose this username so long ago, i don't even know why ;P

Author's Response: Hehe, you know, I was also toying with the idea of it being Snape's first time. But then I realised that poor Snape has it tough enough in this chapter, so I didn't want to make things even more complicated for him. I'm just too nice sometimes ;-)

Sith Witch 2011.01.30 - 03:54PM 9: 9: The First He Cried With Signed
That was powerful. I cried when Severus found out Lily was murdered. The scene when Nadezhda and Severus meet in the Riddle mansion was evocative. Your writing is excellent. Some of the best I have read. I can see in my mind's eye clearly the scenes you describe. The words you chose to describe emotions are poetic. Lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much for your kind review. Just the words I needed today.

notwolf 2011.01.29 - 10:39AM 9: 9: The First He Cried With Signed
That would have been such a scary time for DEs, not knowing where to turn or hide. I wonder if the girl obliviated him to protect him or herself--and if she got pregnant...Of course, it could be Barty's if she did, unless she'd been using contraceptives.

Author's Response: Hey, don't go spoiling my next two chapters ;-)

notwolf 2011.01.17 - 11:50AM 8: 8: The First He Lost Signed
Poor girl is getting in deeper and deeper. It seems unless she can escape from Bella before midnight, she's to be marked. Even she thinks she is becoming evil, I guess. Severus was right about Lily not being forgiving, and maybe Charles and his friend still have a chance to be friends again--assuming she survives. Did the serpent stop clenching her wrist?

Author's Response: Remember that it is Halloween. Voldy will be a tad, um, busy that evening. Your last question, I'll answer in the next chapter. Thanks for reading, and my apologies for not having been able to lift the reading jinx on your story yet.

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