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Reviews for Shooting Stars

MuNition 2014.06.22 - 03:07PM 37: XXXVII: Epilogue Signed
I've read both stories in this series, and while there are a few inconsistencies, they paint a rather cohesive picture, and tell an interesting tale. There are a few things that really stopped me from wholeheartedly loving them. First, Severus Snape is entirely passive and could be substituted for any number of canon characters. He does nothing on his own, takes charge of nothing, and in the end, ventures nothing, loses nothing, and gains nothing. He is here as a voyeur, and in the end, the stories as well as the ending sum him up as nothing more (or if so, you could add "cuckold" to voyeur). There's no shred of defiance or power to any action of his at any point other than mouthing off to Moody (or capitulating to Dumbledore). Second, I love to hate Lucius Malfoy as much as anyone, but you've taken the one positive quality he has in canon (cares about his family) and ignored it. I'd have no problems with him being cruel, nor with him casually walking all over Snape at every turn just because he can, or even at him pushing Dumbledore around at Hogwarts... but seriously, it makes the OC seem downright *stupid* for getting involved with him in the first place, and another for not noticing that it happened at all. Third, and this is a major problem... the OCs are interesting, but while them being caught up in the moment could explain a lot (being teenagers and all), they seem to forget their histories too often. Lucius killing the parents of one - nope she's conflicted because he used her, not because of that. It makes for a good stream-of-consciousness feel, but the story loses a lot of it's bite as the characters feel less real. Another added point: Snape is in his 30s (and a Wizard) in this story, not 60s. Back trouble keeping him from having sex like a youngster? Seriously? 25-40 is the male physical peak, back/knee problems at that age are nearly exclusive to the morbidly obese or the ones with years of grueling training regimens - who would have no problem with lifting up a teen girl. And I could refer you to the earlier story where Lucius (5 years older than Snape, and living as a soft aristocrat rather than chasing kids through a castle with a trillion stairs) had no problems being a sex god. This is the kind of story I feel I should like a lot more than I do, but it really feels as if it was a story about telling why Snape quite simply isn't manly enough and therefore ends up as being the magical equivalent of the stereotypical basement dweller who can only touch life through viewing others via a screen in private. In the end, he is not important to any of the major characters. Now I get it, you want your OCs with the super-rich, extremely handsome and refined older person when not together, but it ends up reading a bit too clean for that.

Agnus Castus 2013.03.24 - 12:59PM 37: XXXVII: Epilogue Signed
There's something so very sad and beautiful about Snape's inability to say goodbye to these two; it's as though they somehow fill a tiny corner of the yearning chasm inside his heart, providing him a quantum of solace. It's heartbreaking to read, but absolutely in-character for Snape. And finally, the two girls find real happiness together. In many ways, if sevs_starsisters decide not to write for Charis and Morgana again, I think this is a fitting end to the girls' story. As we all know, Snape's story continues dramatically in canon, so there remains the lure of a trilogy! If it includes menage-a-trois as hot as in previous chapters, I suspect I'll have to read it. And I'm sure my husband will thank you for that, too! ;o) Congratulations on reaching the end of your magnum opus - I've thoroughly enjoyed the ride :D

Author's Response: Reading the words "absolutely in character for Snape" is a rich reward for what has not always been an easy story to write. We're hoping, time and muses permitting, that a part three might be on the cards (we do have more ideas!) but we wanted to leave it resolved at this stage as part 3 might take a while! We'd like to thank you for your unwavering support of our stories and characters and for your thoughtful and detailed reviews - they really do make it all worth it!

Agnus Castus 2013.03.24 - 12:36PM 36: XXXVI: Sweet Release Signed
Mmmm... I think I'd like a cup of tea and a biscuit after reading this chapter! Or perhaps a cigarette? Smoking hot writing, ladies. Thank you from the bottom of my...err... heart!

Author's Response: *passes cigarette, chocolate and clean underwear*

Agnus Castus 2013.03.24 - 12:17PM 35: XXXV: After Midnight Signed
Gorgeous chapter, and I appreciated Snape leaving them be and also not taking himself in hand. As he realises the feeling blossoming in his chest, my heart ached for him a little bit. Then followed "A love he had no part of, a love he would never be able to share with anyone" which summed it all up and put a lump in my throat. Ah, Snape. Forever the tragic anti-hero. Lovely writing.

Author's Response: We're honoured that our writing got such an emotional response from you and that we got Snape right in this scene - it was important to get it right and from your reaction, we did :-)

Agnus Castus 2013.03.24 - 11:59AM 34: XXXIV: New Year’s Solution Signed
I enjoyed your creation of Dumbledore's vow and its execution - gentle and manipulative - much like the man himself. I love that Dumbledore also set up their New Year's celebration with Snape, even though, so far at least, Snape hasn't got in on the action! The tenderness between Morgana and Charis is lovely. Reading on...

Author's Response: Gentle and manipulative works for us! And maybe your exquisite patience will be rewarded if you read on :-)

Agnus Castus 2013.03.24 - 11:44AM 33: XXXIII: Christmas Eve Signed
"The way Ravenclaws seemed to be fascinated by the stars was simply adorable" bahaha! Pity that I didn't realise the significance of the constellation Leo; I've let down team Ravenclaw! At least I'd managed to suss out the connection to Slytherin's locket via the house-elf, thus tracing it back to Black. This is a lovely chapter brimming with charm and intimacy between the Star Sisters, and their spell-casting was beautiful and poignant. I also enjoyed Morgana's metaphor for moving on at the end of the chapter. I must say, though, that you've plotted your story meticulously and have been wonderfully crafty with the prophecy; not just with its puzzle, but also making your story fit seamlessly into canon... After all, we were never told how Dumbledore came to discover the locket. I take my hat off to you, ladies!

Author's Response: We've managed to hoodwink a Ravenclaw, that's something to be proud of! But full marks for realising the locket connection. We're so thrilled you enjoyed the prophecy and think it blends into canon seamlessly - we tried really hard to make it work and it caused our brains to hurt on several occassions!

nagandsev 2013.01.19 - 03:03PM 36: XXXVI: Sweet Release Signed
Now it's time to turn fantasy into reality for Severus and his girls--can the teasing giggling be leading up to them beckoning him over to their side *hopeful look*--great menage-a-trois dynamics; I really like Morgana's sexuality being released and expressed, reinforcing her healing from the past and embracing the present and future; Charis' divine sub positions--yum! and as I said last chapter, Severus is one lucky wizard... *sighing* Lovely, dynamic, lemony chapter as always!xxx

Author's Response: We are glad you are enjoying the lemons! It's been a bit lemon-light this tie round, so we're more than making up for it now!

nagandsev 2013.01.19 - 02:58PM 35: XXXV: After Midnight Signed
Mmmn... beautiful! Love their love-making, giving and sharing to each other the way each one needs, and Severus witnessing it--some wizards have all the luck! What a lovely way to bring in the New Year!

Author's Response: It shows just how much restraint Severus has that he didn't just explode on the spot! Hehe. X

nagandsev 2013.01.03 - 10:27AM 34: XXXIV: New Year’s Solution Signed
Ooooh, so very lovely & touching & *pure*! Makes me all warm & mushy--and soooo happy for the two of them--my auntie always told me that one's partner for life needed to be first: *best friends*, 2nd: business partners (it's the Scot in her lol!) and 3rd. lovers (she said the sex always'll come naturally ;-D ) But poor dear Severus... will mercy be given to him on any level... or will canon story line resume it's course on the ill-fated dearheart? must wait and yet I don't want this to end... Lovely, lovely work! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words, nag! Life has got on top of us lately but we are within a hair's breadth of finishing so we hope we won't have to keep you waiting too soon! xxx

nagandsev 2013.01.03 - 10:17AM 33: XXXIII: Christmas Eve Signed
Just as I was about to give over to tears due to the beauty of Charis & Morgana's intimacy and star sister moment's the prophecy's identity revealed--Regulus Black--just brilliant! Bloody brilliant! and now... what the hell is she doing on the Manor grounds--and her Patronus? Divine chapter, ladies!xxx

Author's Response: *Takes a bow* Thank you so much, we're glad you enjoyed the reveal!

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